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Do you want to be an official?

It is all of you who get involved voluntarily in your free time that make O-Ringen. About 1,200 officials work over 75,000 hours to make the event possible. Incredible, fantastic, impressive, yes the words are not enough so it can simply be summed up in a big THANK YOU!

On this page you will find information and support for your assignment. You can also e-mail funktionar2024@oringen.se.

Making an O-Ringen can be hard, tiring and ... and ... really ... really wonderful! Join in and take the chance to take part in "making" an O-Ringen! Share the joy with 1200 other officials. Register below to Smålandskusten. You choose which tasks you want to get involved in.

Share the link with your club mates. The more the merrier!

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