Our vision

O-Ringen today:

  • The worlds biggest orienteering adventure. In a new place every year - but the same week.
  • Consists of six competitions; where the competition over five days is the original and classic format thats been around since the start in Skåne 1965. Today O-Ringen also includes Elite Tour, 3-days, Stage start, Youth relay and a training courses with timing. A total of 125 classes. We also have Miniknat for our youngest participants.
  • Is a big event for the whole family. An O-Ringen consist normally of a camp ground with around 10 000 guests and an O-Ringen Square with a stage, a fair and activities.
  • A "normal" O-Ringen has around 18 400 participants and around 75 000 stage starts. Our participants are in the ages 5 to 95 and from the whole world.
  • Is an Miljömärkt (Eco labeled) event since 1999
  • About 1,200 officials work over 75,000 hours to make the event possible.