You can easily get to Åre by train, plane or car.

By train

Traveling by train to Åre is easy. Travel smart and take the night train which runs all year round.

Restid med tåg:

Stockholm-Åre: about 7 hours

Göteborg-Åre: about 10 hours

Malmö-Åre: about 11 hours

By car

To Åre you drive all the way on the high way. E14 is the high way that takes you to Åre.

Distance to Åre from:

Trondheim 168 km

Sundsvall 285 km

Stockholm 630 km

Oslo 660 km

Göteborg 890 km

Malmö 1 120 km

By plane

Close to Åre there are two international airports. About an hour from Åre is Åre Östersund Airport and about two hours away is Trondheim Airport Værnes in Norway. Pre-book your taxi from the airport and it will be waiting for you on arrival.

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