O-Ringen Trail
Trailrun along marked paths

To offer you who do not want to take an orientation course on O-Ringen, but still want to get out into the woods and share the joy with all other participants, we now offer at each stage a marked trailrunning course of about 5 km.

O-Ringen Trail is a wonderful course on beautiful trails in the same competition area as the orinteringcourses. You run your course along a marking, without need of map and compass, will safely take you from start to finish. You sign up for the O-Ringen Trail on our booking portal under Book/Entry before the competition, or on site in the arenas of the Participant Service.

O-Ringen Trail is offered at each stage and you participate in one or more stages just as you wish. No overall result will be presented. The course is about 5 km (the length varies slightly depending on the suitable paths in the different areas). The course is marked with arrows and spray paint on the ground.

The start is in the form of wave starts every 60 minutes. Everyone who, for example, has chosen to start at 10.00 will start at the same time. The start is from one of the regular starts. The distance from the arena / goal to the start can vary between 1-3 km.

Finishing takes place in one of the the O-Ring Arena along with all other participants.

Timing is done with the help of SportIdent. You can rent the unit on site. Your time is counted from your specified start time (wave start) until you stamp your SportIdent unit at the finish line.

You do the registration under Book/Entryexternal link, opens in new window There you choose to book "Competition" and go to "Stage starts" and select "OL" the day you want to run. If you do not have a SportIdent unit, you click in that you want to rent one. In step 2 of the booking process, select "Trail" from the classes available.

Fee is 160 SEK (+ possible rent of SportIdent 40 SEK)

CourseMarkingsLengthStarting method



About 5 km

Wave-start every 60 min


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