The Linnaean gardens of Uppsala

The flower king Carl von Linné is constantly present and enriches the everyday life of Uppsala through the unique legacy he left behind. In Uppsala you can visit parks and nature in Linnaeus' spirit. Here you will find, among other things, his home and garden.

Carl von Linné is one of the world's most famous scientists. For almost 50 years he studied, researched, taught and lived in Uppsala. No other place in the world can show as many traces of him as Uppsala. Here his story is present in physical places, houses, gardens and excursion trails with preserved flora and fauna. His science also lives on at Uppsala's two universities, where modern biology and biotechnology are important cornerstones.

The Linnaeus Museum

The museum contains unique items which tell of Linnaeus’ home life and his scientific achievements. They include the family’s furniture, household effects, textiles and art; as well as more personal items such as Mrs Linnaeus’ playing cards, spectacles and cookbooks.

It is very unusual for so many items to be preserved from an ordinary professor’s family.

The Linnaeus Garden

The gardens are situated at the same place as Uppsala University’s first botanical garden and have been restored according to his and Carl Hårleman’s design from 1745, the same design and look as during Linnaeus’ lifetime. The Linnaeus Garden is just a short walk from the city centre, and it’s open between May and September.

Linnaeus Hammarby

Linnaeus’ Hammarby is one of the most authentically preserved estates from the 1700s. The estate was purchased as a summer residence by the Prince of Botanists himself in 1758 and served as an escape from the unhealthy environment of Uppsala.

The household items, clothes and art tell us more about Carl Linnaeus’ private life and his scientific achievements. A permanent exhibit reflects on the family’s life on the farm.

The lush park is home to many of the plants grown by Linnaeus himself and the surrounding cultural reserve has several nature and culture trails.

Linnaeus Sävja

Linnaeus Sävja has a sparkling cultural scene during the summer with art exhibitions, concerts and activities. Linnaeus’ dwelling house is now a museum, with an old ash planted by him in the courtyard. The museum and the medicinal plants in Linnaeus’ herb garden are on display during the summer. Children have sheep, horses, dogs and chickens to get acquainted with (cautiously!).

The Linnaeus Trails

If you would like to spend a whole day in the spirit of Linnaeus, walk one of the eight Linnéstigarna trails, which offer you the joy of discovery, knowledge, exercise and recreation. Or bring out your hidden child: take your mobile phone with you and find the secret treasures. The Linnéstigarna give you the chance to use all your curiosity and your thirst for discovery.

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