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We are looking forward to O-Ringen Uppsala 2021 - see you then?

Today the last of the caravans would have left for home and O-Ringen City would have been disbanded quickly as usual. Not a single candy wrapper would have been left on camping sites and arenas and property owners and neighbours would have wondered where all the masses of orienteering people have gone or if they have even been there.

The tracks in the forests would have remained for a while but they will also quickly be erased by the recovering force of nature. But the memory of all the experiences would endure, like the memories of all the O-Ringen events you have visited always does. Memories of misses and hits, of community and happiness and experiences in new places you have not seen before. The very things that makes O-Ringen so unique and fantastic.

Now, because of Corona this did not happen in Uppsala this year, but since the intended O-Ringen week 2020 now have passed it is time to really get ready for next summer. And good things come to those who wait, even if we get a little bit impatient. So, turn to the next page and look toward the future with O-Ringen Uppsala 2021 instead.

Bookings are open so why not take your chance and secure your place now. The pent-up need for O-Ringen might be huge next year. You do not want to miss that!

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