The winner takes it all

It’s over, we have our winners. In the senior elite categories Tove Alexandersson Stora Tuna OK and Ruslan Glebov OK Ravinen.

Ruslan Glebov at the finish. Photo: Thomas Rimhagen

In M21E Ruslan Glebov started almost 4 minutes ahead of Emil Svensk. Both made a few mistakes in the forest but they still ran good enough to keep their positions as number 1 and 2. Ruslan was very happy at the finish, almost like a child celebrating his birthday.

Top 3 in M21E

  1. Ruslan Glebov, OK Ravinen
  2. Emil Svensk, Stora Tuna OK +1:56
  3. Albin Ridefelt, OK Linné +3:37

This is how happy you can get from winning O-Ringen. Photo: Thomas Rimhagen


Tove Alexandersson on her way to an outstanding win Photo: Per Gustås.

In W21E there was no question about who the winner would be. Tove Alexandersson had a big lead at the start and in the end, she won with over 30 minutes. In second spot was Sara Hagström IFK Göteborg. At one of the controls out in the forest she made a big jump from cliff, more than 3 meters, right in front of our photographer. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quick enough to catch her.

Top 3 in W21E

  1. Tove Alexandersson, Stora Tuna OK
  2. Sara Hagström, IFK Göteborg Orientering +33:01
  3. Johanna Öberg, OK Linné +35:16

Sara Hagström right after her spectacular jump. Photo: Per Gustås

Both Tove and Ruslan seems to be in great shape and they are excited for WOC in Norway.

–I’m in quite good shape, said Ruslan Glebov in his post-run interview.

–It’s a big difference between running for one week straight compared to just one race. My legs are a bit tired and now I’m going to enjoy some easy running on paths the coming weeks before WOC, said Tove.


Axel Granqvist in the lead. Photo: Per Gustås

The elder juniors were a bit more confused than necessary. Axel Granqvist OK Ravinen made a lot of mistakes and got a bit worried about the boys chasing him. It was a nice feeling for him to finally cross the finish line. Fastest on today’s stage was August Mollén who was over 7 minutes faster than Axel and advanced from 5th to 2nd position during the final stage.

Top 3 in M20E

  1. Axel Granqvist, OK Ravinen
  2. August Mollén, OK Denseln +2:50
  3. Aston Key, Spurposting Australia +4:04

Isa Envall on her way to victory. Photo: Per Gustås

In W20E Isa Envall IK Hakarpspojkarna didn’t have her best technical performance today. Still Anine Lome Hamar OK wasn’t able to take advantage of the situation and the girl from IKHP could take her first ever victory at O-Ringen.

Top 3 in W20E

  1. Isa Envall, IK Hakarpspojkarna
  2. Anine Lome, Hamar OK +2:31
  3. Victoria Bjørnstad, IFK Göteborg Orientering +5:11

Viktor Svensk did it again. Photo: Per Gustås

In M18E Viktor Svensk won. Since he was 10 years old he has just fail to win twice. That’s impressive!

Top 3 in M18E

  1. Viktor Svensk, Stora Tuna OK
  2. Axel Elmblad, Bredaryds SOK +4:46
  3. Søren Thrane Ødum, IFK Göteborg Orientering +13:30

Hanna Lundbeg OK Renen, winner in W18E. Photo: Per Gustås

In W18E Hanna Lundberg OK Renen had a great finish to a great week. She almost couldn’t believe that she had won.

Top 3 in W18E

  1. Hanna Lundberg, OK Renen
  2. Alva Sonesson, Falköpings AIK OK +10:30
  3. Jenny Baklid, Konnerud IL +11:14

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