Good morning O-Ringen! Welcome back to Arena Yxbacken

So her it is, the last morning. Today many of you get to run in the chase start. The first 15 should have a number tag, you will get it at your start. Good luck!

This morning to, the sun will shine but the heat will stays below 30-degrees and a slight breeze cools. Once again drink, preferably liquid replacement, sunscreen and shade. You can do this by now.

Again, we want to remind you that at the Yxbacken arena all the runners take the bus or the bike. There is no car parking at the arena and you are not allowed to park on local roads and take over the heavily trafficked rout 55 on foot. We do not want the fifth stage to be marked by an accident.

The buses leave from O-Ringentorget or from the Satellite Parking, Bråvalla. In particular, we want to encourage you to use the satellite parking where you have much lower pressure on the bus connection and will quickly get out to the arena.

MTBO has its own parking in Åby and from this you cycle to the arena. Only MTBO cyclists are allowed to bring the bike into the arena. There is a nice bicycle parking at the bus stops for everybody else.

For the orienteerers we have really saved the best for last, Ågelsjöbergen. Promise us that you raise your eyes at least once during the race and enjoy the view, if so just for the little second you can afford not to lose placements. We offer primeval forest and unspoilt land north of beautiful lake Ågelsjön where the pompous Ågelsjö mountains rise sharply and magnificently. The resolution of the O-Ringen Kolmården 2019 for the orienteerers will be as beautiful as magnificent. This cool wilderness terrain must not be missed!

MTBO participants will take on Jursla old forest. This peculiar section of Kolmården has really old rocky pine forest with many large and small heights and steep slopes. The area is crossed by several paths, which gives the MTBO participants many interesting roadway challenges. You will also compete over a very large area and be offered a really interesting long distance course that contains everything and a little more!

Turn on Radio O-Ringen as usual so you do not miss anything important, FM 101.5 MHz in Norrköping.

Facts about Stage 5

Stage name: Norrköping

Stage Location: Arena Yxbacken in Norrköping

First start OL: 8:30 am

First start MTBO: 8:30 am

Getting there? Cycle or take the bus from O-Ringentorget or satellite parking, Bråvalla. Schedules can be found on page 35 in the Program Magazine.

MTBO has its own parking at Åby. From the parking you cycle. Only MTBO is allowed to bring the bicycle into the arena, the remaining cyclists park in the bicycle parking.

Participate but not registered? No problem! It is possible to register on site at the participant service arena.

Just be an audience? No problem! Just come and hang out at the Arena.

Tips on activities during the day:

3 pm O-Ringentorget opens

3.30 pm Entertainment, Marcus Fyrberg WAOW Production on stage O-Ringentorget

4.00 pm Award ceremony for total winner O-Ringen Kolmården 2019 in Norrköping, the stage O-Ringentorget

6.00 pm O-Ringentorgets market street closes

6.00 - 8.30 pm Disco - up to 12 years, in the restaurant tent at O-Ringentorget

8:00 - 11:45 pm Disco - 13-17 years, basement Himmelstalundshallen

9.30 pm - 2 am Closing party "Sixth stage" from 18 and older, in the restaurant tent at O-Ringentorget

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