Thank you for today!

Stage four is symbolized by warmth, joy and a fighting spirit and by people from all corners of the world. You may have seen our instastories where we meet participants from all over, from China, Scotland, the US and Östersund.

We help each other when the trails don't match the map, we boost and we cheer. At today's award ceremonies, there were wild cheers both on those who came from local clubs and on those who came from other countries, on those from big clubs and on those from small ones.

A friend from Norrköping (someone who has just started to understand the magic..) made a post on Facebook this morning. She had cycled by Himmelstalund and was fascinated that there was no garbage. "Those orienteers she wrote, I am not worried about what it will look like when they go home, maybe it will take 40 minutes for the organizers to fix everything, not like out on Bråvalla (a music festival) where they usually need to clean up for a week. I hope they'll be back soon, the orienteers."

So pat yourself on the shoulder. Thank you for sorting out your garbage and helping us to not only be one of the world's biggest sporting events but hopefully also the most environmentally friendly. Thank you for helping the lost and cheer for those you do not know. What spirit we have in our sport, and together we create magic!

Ps. Se om du fastnat på något foto från arenan. Foton från etapp 4 finns nu tillgängliga på O-Ringens Facebook-konto

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