O-Ringen makes locals try the sport of orienteering!

Mattias, Viktor, Annika och Cassius - they all share the experience of coming to the 4th stage of O-ringen to try orienteering for the first time! Three of them also came to the arena by bicycle.

Mattias Brage, Viktor and Annika Hall and Cassius Åkerlind came to the arena to try orienteering today.

Mattias Brage, 36 years old, lives in Krokek nearby Arena Yxbacken and today he ran the class "Medelsvår 4,0". Mattias's experience of orienteering is limietd to military service and mountain hiking. To his help today he had big brother Markus, who started orienteering some years ago, with him in the forest.

Mattias summarises his performance with "Okay". Some smaller misses on the course but no big mistakes.

Här hittar man nummerlappsutdelningen

Mattias Brage finishes stylish after his first orienteering course!

When we questioned Mattias if it was like he had imagined, the answer was that it was'nt so hard as he had expected (probably due to a lot of standing still reading the map...) and that it was a little challenging to keep track of all the details of the map.


Mattias says that his compass used at mountain hiking might not be optimal for orienteering.

Some others who have taken the bicycle to Arena Yxbacken is Annika Hall, 50 years old and her son Viktor, 8 years old. The family lives in Åby nearby today's arena and they are here to try orienteering. When they first arrived they had a shorter introduction at the orienteering school located at the arena. Then they chose a "try out"- course of 2.5 km. They conclude that it was hot in the sun but fun. "We might be back here again tomorrow!" Annika says.


Viktor and Annika Hall might come back again tomorrow again for further courses!

Cassius Åkerlind, soon 11 years old, from Mantorp, and his mother Eva was also at Arena Yxbacken to try orienteering for the first time. Cassius completed the course "Inskolning". It went really well and made him want to run orienteering more times!

Här hittar man nummerlappsutdelningen

Cassius Åkerlind is satisfied with his orienteering debut!

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