Godmorgon O-Ringen! Welcome back to Arena Yxbacken

Stage four will you try out new terrain in another direction from Arena Yxbacken if you run and if you sit on the bike you will try the slopes in Kvillinge. The heat continues! Keep up the good work of taking care of yourself and drink, use sunscreen and seek shade.

All the runners go to Yxbacken by bus or you may take the bike. There is no car parking at the arena. The buses leave from O-Ringentorget or from Satellite Parking Bråvalla (which we highly reccomend). MTBO has its own parking in Åby and from this you cycle to the arena. Only MTBO cyclists are allowed to bring the bike into the arena. Everybody else put their bikes at the nice bicycle parking close to the bus stops.

For the runners this is a special part of Kolmården and you will find really old rocky ground forest with many big and small heights and slopes. The area is crossed by several paths, which gives young people many interesting road-selection challenges.

The shorter paths for the runners will be in fairly open terrain with many trails, but there are tricky slopes where it is easy to get lost if you do not keep up with the map reading. The longer lanes also go into very fine cut terrain with sharp, high slopes and narrow passes. Here it is really important to choose the right path to gain those seconds that can be crucial. Navigating solely with the compass here is not possible.

MTBO participants get to experience great variety as they enter Kvillinge during their fourth stage. Leg strength and a fighting glow are important in this stage. The arena is located at Yxbacken, where Pernilla Wiberg laid the foundation for her success as an alpin skier. You will go up... and down ...

As usual, liste to Radio O-Ringen not miss out on anything important, FM 101.5 MHz in Norrköping. The broadcasts start at. 6:30 am every morning during the week and until 9 pm.

Facts about Stage 4

Stage name: SSAB stage

Location: Arena Yxbacken in Norrköping

First start OL: at. 08:30

First start MTBO: 10:00

Getting there? Cycle or take the bus from O-Ringentorget or satellite parking Bråvalla. Schedules can be found on page 35 in the Program Magazine. MTBO has its own parking at Åby. From the parking you cycle. Only MTBO is allowed to bring the bicycle into the arena, the remaining cyclists park in the bicycle parking.

Participate but not registered? No problem! It is possible to register on site at the participant service arena.

Just be an audience? No problem! Just come and hang out at the Arena.

Tips on activities during the day:

1 pm Activity area east of Mässhallen in O-Ringenstaden opens

2 pm the Bagheera maze opens

4 pm-8 pm O-Ringen Indoor orienteering at Hagaskolan / Hagagymnasiet

3 pm O-Ringentorget opens

5.15 pm Movement break with Carolina Klüft, Generation Pep, on the stage, O-Ringentorget

5.30 pm Entertainment, the dance group Kurbits Crew on the stage, O-Ringentorget

6 pm Prize Ceremony Stage 4, the stage, O-Ringentorget

7 pm Carolina Klüft, Generation Pep, lecture in East Sweden Arena

7 pm - 8 pm O-Ringen choir, with the Church of Sweden in Norrköping, in Himmelstalundshallen

9 pm O-Ringentorget closes

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