Cooperation with the regional healthcare gives safety for the participants!

This year the healthcare at the arenas can offer x-ray examinations directly at the arena. This is possible due to a cooperation with "Region Östergötland", the regional healthcare provider.

X-ray nurse Simin Lindberg uses the mobile x-ray device on Marita Samuelsson's hand.

The healthcare at the arenas have x-ray nurses and a mobile x-ray with them this year. A great service for the participants. Today Simin Lindberg and Margit Magnusson work as x-ray nurses at Arena Yxbacken. Usually they work at the Vrinnevi hospital in Norrköping. We ask them to tell us about the equipment and how they have experienced the O-Ringen week.

The x-ray is mostly used this week for smaller skeleton examinations. Hands, feets and shoulders are examinated at the arena.To this date they have used the x-ray about 30 times per day and it has been very appreciated, Simin and Margit explains.

When we are visiting, Marita Samuelsson, Sundbybergs IK, comes by for an examination of her hand. Marita fell at yesterday's stage and today the hand has swollen. The doctor thinks that she needs an x-ray. Simin takes care of this and makes sure that the hand is correctly placed in the device and makes adjustments of the x-ray. Marita is currently in the lead of her class "D65 short" and is understandably eager to run tomorrows last course.

After the examination Marita gets to sit down and wait in the shadow. Approximately only 30 minutes after the examination the doctor at the arena will have the x-ray pictures assessed and answered by a x-ray doctor in Norrköping. Almost to good to be true!

We wish Marita the best of luck with both her hand and tomorrow's last O-ringen course!

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