Thank you all, you brave!

Stage three was the hottest so far and you have struggled so well in the heat in Yxbacken's steep climbs and heavy downpours. Certainly it was an adventure to run down the ski slope, or as the youngest on winding bike paths and finely carved wooden falls down the mountain! You just had to be really sure that you made the right choises of routing so you don't have to go up again! Miniknat had the theme water today which was nice on a day like this.

Tomorrow is the day we will be more then 20,000 participants, there are only a few paticipants left! Are you the one who gets us across the magic border?

What an adventure we are doing together!

Ps. Check out if you got stuck in any photo from the arena. Photos from Stage 3. They are now available on the O-Ringen Facebook account.

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