Price ceremony for Stage 3

Although the evening is approaching, the temperature has not yet crept below 30 ° C when the third stage price ceremony begins. Many, however, defied the heat to celebrate those who won at the arena Yxbacken's first day.

prisutdelning 25 juli

Despite the heat, the grandstand was crowded at the price ceremony.

The third day for OL was the ”Church Stage” and what is better suited than "Sing with the Church of Sweden" as warming up before the price ceremony! The audience is engaged in a sing along that makes us forget the heat aswell as stiff back thighs and aching ankles.

Amanda björkholm

Sing with the Church of Sweden as warming up before the price ceremony!

When the price ceremony starts, Group 1 is as usual first out with the following classes;

DH10, DH11, DH12, DH12K, D13, DH14, DH14K, DH15, DH16, DH16K, DH17-20K and DH18.

Amanda björkholm

Stage 3: Winners Group 1

After the youth classes, the price ceremony for group 2 and 3 that included the following classes, followed;

Group 2:
DH20, DH21, DH21L, DH21K, DH35, DH35K, DH40, DH40K, DH45 and DH45K

Group 3:
DH50, DH50K, DH55, DH55K, DH60, DH60K, DH65, DH65K, DH70, DH70K, DH75, DH75K, DH80, H85 and H90.

MTBO today had a well deserved rest day but had their stage 3 yesterday. Even MTBO-winners from yesterday were celebrated in their respective age group at today's ceremony.

Amanda björkholm

Stage 3: Winners Group 2

Amanda björkholm

Stage 3: Winners Group 3

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