Try out MTBO!

Do you want to discover the beauty of combining MTB cycling and orienteering? Do you want to challenge a couple of friends in quick map understanding? On the activity day you have the chance to try out mountain bike orientation in the Vrinnevi forest, in central Norrköping.

MTBO is a fast-paced branch, quite similar to sprint orienteering, where it is important to make quick decisions and choose the right path based on the paths' accessibility. The day schedule is adapted so that you can try out MTBO in the morning, get a shower and have lunch, before the LiU sprint in the afternoon. The third stage for the MTBO participants is carried out in the morning and immediately thereafter you can try MTBO yourself, ie between 11.00 and 13.00.

The Vrinnevi forest is a recreation area with many smooth and easy-to-cycle paths, so you can cycle the short course with a regular bike. For the longest runway, it is a clear advantage to have a mountain bike. If you have no bike with you, borrow a clubmate's. The Arena is located at cycling distance from the O-Ringen town, about 4 km. There are only a few parking spaces, so everyone is encouraged to walk or cycle there.

The easiest way to register is online or on Participant service in O-Ringenstaden. It is ok to sign up at the Arena in the Vrinnevi forest, but then there is a risk of queuing.

Cost 120 SEK. You can use your regular stamp tray / Sportident stick. There are five courses to choose from, from short and easy, to the elite run.

In the arena there are changing rooms, toilet, shower, bicycle wash and Nordenmark who offers rental of card stands for MTBO.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER In MTBO you have to bring your bike to each control. It is therefore not allowed to leave the bike or run to a control and stamp. It is only allowed to cycle on the terrain and road surface. Ramped terrain refers to the surfaces that are stepped up / tracked in the terrain, regardless of whether the surface is reported as a path or not on the map. It is also allowed to cycle on open grass areas. Keep in mind that a helmet is mandatory and that the bicycle must not be battery-powered. There are no clothing requirements.


Form a team consisting of three participants who cycle the same course. Registers at place in the Vrinnevi forest by signing up the team name and the participants' name on the registration list on the bulletin board. After the competition, the team's total time is counted and there are prizes to winning teams. You can of course try on MTBO without being part of the team competition!

Try out MTBO on the activity day July 24th Location: The Vrinnevi forest

Free start time: 11.00-13.00 Cost: 120 SEK

Distance to start: 300 m Course setter: Benny Lindgren

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