A perfect day for MTBO

There’s no foot-O in the forest today. Most people are having a day off. For the MTBO riders the competition continues with the third stage.

Oskar Johansson, Västvärmlands OK at the start. Photo: Per Lindman

It’s the warmest morning so far this week. The sun shines and in the shadow of the forest lies the arena for the third stage of O-Ringen’s MTBO. The forest is called Vrinneviskogen and is situated in the heart of Norrköping. It’s a popular place for the locals, a place where you can get some break from the big city and just enjoy nature.

At 9 a.m it’s time for the first riders do start. In the senior categories there are a few very good riders with early starts. Oskar Johansson from Västvärmlands OK starts at 9:07. He has already won the first two stages and he is one of the favourites to win this year’s O-Ringen. Another early starter is Karin Gustafsson from Garphyttans IF. She has been second on both of two first stages. After her finish I get the chance to speak with her.

How was it out in the forest today?

– It was hot! A lot more paths compared to earlier stages. You had to use your brain a lot more, says a very tired Karin.

Did you use your brain properly?

– Yes, or maybe. It was quite grassy at one of the paths. I made a mistake there. Apart from that I’m satisfied.

When you run orienteering, your starting position can affect your run quite significantly. Does it matter when you start in MTBO?

– Usually it doesn’t matter. When it’s too much grass there might be an advantage with a late start. It was grassy at control number 8 today but that’s just one of many controls.

Is it stressful to try and get the map into the map holder?

– With one minute at the start it’s quite calm. You learn how to do it. It’s harder with a map change.

What’s your ambitions for the rest of the week?

– I don’t know really. I want to do some good races and punch all the controls!

Karin is third today, 3:25 behind the excellent Anna Tiderman from Haninge SOK who wins for the third time this week. In total Anna is now 7:08 ahead of Karin. In the men’s category Oskar Johansson failed to take his third consecutive win. Instead he was in 8th position, 8:02 behind Jonny Engel from OK Ravinen. In the total results Jonny has now overtaken the lead from Oskar and the margin down to Oskar in second place is 3:00.

Here are the results from today’s stage:


  1. Anna Tiderman, Haninge SOK 47:37
  2. Helena Svensson, FK Herkules 48:50 (+1:13)
  3. Karin Gustafsson, Garphyttans IF 51:02 (+3:25)


  1. Jonny Engel, OK Ravinen 48:48
  2. Pär Gustavsson, Göteborg-Majorna OK 50:26 (+1:38)
  3. Erik Jansson, Garphyttans IF 52:05 (+3:17)

Karin Gustafsson, Garphyttans IF is tired after the race. Photo: Per Lindman

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