Sustainability- a goal in it self!

O-Ringen is an arrangement with sustainability as an important goal. For this year's O-Ringen, the collaboration with Returpack / Pantamera has been further strengthened.

Equally important as the last control - Recycling!

O-Ringen needs nature and therefore it is self-evident that O-Ringen as an event should take care of the environment and use nature carefully. As part of this, the collaboration with Returpack / Pantamera has been strengthened for this year's O-Ringen.

"This year we are focusing a lot on recycling and, with regard to PET-bottles and cans, the goal is to double the number compared to the previous year's O-Ringen", says Tomas Öberg, this year's Secretary General.

To make it easy for everyone to recycle in the arenas there are recycling vessels for both cardboard, plastic, food waste and for PET-bottles and cans placed in most places.

Här hittar man nummerlappsutdelningen

Don't miss the recycling bins at the arenas where you easily can sort your waste to increase the recycling.

One of the news this year is the mobile "recycle-backpacks" that moves around the arena to further increase the accessability for all visitors. We spoke to Safa and Morad who were wearing each recycle-backpack. Safa and Morad are both 17 years old and starting their second senior high school year this autumn. They have got their summer job at O-ringen through the municipality of Norrkoping.

- It feels good to contribute to O-Ringen's enviromental work, Morad says.

- The "fill rate" differs during the day, Safa explains. Sometimes there is a lot of empty bottles and sometimes there are less.

At the arena there is also a vehicle called "PantoBil" parked. There you can go to recycle your bottles and obtain some swedish crowns for it in accordance with the swedish recycling system.


Safa and Morad, both 17 year's old, has summer jobs at O-Ringen. At today's stage they contributed to O-Ringen's enviromental work by carrying around mobile "recycling back-packs"


The vehicle "PantoBil" contains an recycle machine for recycle bottles so that the visitors easily can choose to recycle their own bottles.


Carolinne Grip, running for IFK Lidingö SOK, took the opportunity to recycle some can's in the "PantoBil".


Sara Riismark, communications manager at Returpack/Pantamera, at their showcase at East Sweden Arena.

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