Skogssportens Gynnare Scholarships

Kerstin Tjernlund from Skogssportens Gynnare has today awarded two scholarships at the O-Ringen stage:

A Silverkotte - for this year's Youth Association and a Guldkotte - for this year's contribution to the orienteering sport.

Skogssportens Gynnare is a non-profit association founded in 1961, whos purpose is to support and promote the development and distribution of Swedish orienteering. They do this by collecting and managing money that is then distributed as scholarships and awards to individuals and clubs, who are contributing to the development of Swedish orienteering. The money is collected mainly through membership fees, so join to support the development of the sport!

Skogssportens Gynnare has chosen to award Älvsby IF OK 2019's Silverkotte for this year's youth association. The award consists of:

  • silver cone statue
  • SEK 20,000 for the associatio

Here's the motivation:

"An association from northern latitudes. For a number of years, Älvsby IF OK has been characterized by a broad and systematic recruitment and education activity. Getting the whole family active has become a successfull concept . Leadership training for parents brings on a sustainable and fine youth activity."

The finest honor of the Skogssportens Gynnare is the Gold Cone. It has been distributed by Skogssportens Gynnare since 1983.

Anders Bennitz from OK Renen receives the Skogssportens Gynnares Guldkotte 2019 for his fantastic contribution to Swedish Ski Orienteering 2019.

Here's the motivation:

"Last winter, Sweden organized the Ski orienteering World Championships in Piteå. A fantastic event with fine performances, which echoed in the media. There were many who were involved in the event and made the SkidO-WC a success. All officials are important, but one of them did stand out - the Secretary General.

With a stedy hand he steered the work. With the gift of the word, he spread calmness and a great smile among all - No matter how tired you are, you always have a smile left, a smile for your volunteers, a smile for your competitors and not least a smile for yourself. - is Anders own words of wisdom "

More information; www.skogssportensgynnare.seexternal link 

Congratulations to Älvsby IF OK and to Anders Bennitz from OK Renen!

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