Johan Olsson about the importance of your mind

Tuesday's stage was followed by Johan Olsson at East Sweden Arena sharing his sporting career through mental training.

Johan Olsson in East Sweden Arena at O-Ringen's square.

Johan Olsson starts the lecture by flattering the audience that it is an audience with a very high level of performance and that it is probably because of the audience's high oxygen consumption that there is little shortage of oxygen inside the East Sweden Arena . An alternat the moment. An alternative explanation could be that the tent is filled to the breath of expectant visitors!

East Sweden Arena was crowded when Johan Olsson talked about mental training.

The audience is immediately included in the lecture when Johan asks for a hand out of how many thoughts the audience thinks we think on average every day. When Johan proposes more than 50,000 thoughts per day, the audience starts to be more hesitant, but Johan reveals that researchers found that it is about 65,000 thoughts a day and that 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we thought the day before. To see it from a positive point of view, Johan suggests that 5% of our daily thoughts are renewable thoughts.

Johan's journey with mental training began about six months after he met his wife Anna. Anna suggested that he should start with mental training because she felt that he lacked the on and off button for what thoughts he filled his days with. 20 year old Johan was an expert in dwelling his thoughts. Anna's suggestion made Johan contact a mental coach and the first thing he had to start with was evaluation - after each training pass! Instead of asking the question what can I do better, the focus changed on how can I do it better, Johan explains.

During the lecture, Johan shares several situations when he directly or indirectly benefited from working with and trying to control his thoughts. Among other things, Johan tells us about a situation when he, also from the suggestion from Anna, had the opportunity to make use of so-called deadline methodology. Johan was in top form and was sure that he would be able to perform his life's race. On day D, however, Johan had big problems with snow getting stuck under his skis and Johan ended up in 8th place. Anna then gave him 2 h 45 min to feel sorry to then appear in his usual happy form on the closing dinner. Johan followed Anna's advice and after 2 hours and 45 minutes of sad music in the headphones he left the bitter thoughts and went on. Thus, he made both himself and the others in the group a great favor.

What Johan wants to highlight is thus the importance of not only training the body but also complete it with mental training. Control the every day 5% renewable thoughts and turn them into something very strong and positive!

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