Welcome to Arena Grosvad and Stage 1

Are you ready? On this stage it can go fast! Both by bike and on foot.

The weather forcast promises sun and between 17 and 22 degrees celsius, perfect running weather as ordered by Secretary General Tomas Öberg.

This year's O-ringen starts at Arena Grosvad, Loreberg terrain area for the OL and Grosvad area for MTBO, located in Finspång municipality.

Terrain wise, it´s a soft start, the forest consists largely of old coniferous forest with many coarse pine and spruce trees. There are mountains in the day and on the mountain hills there are old pine trees. The accessibility is generally very good but is limited in certain parts where thinning has occurred or where green areas are passed. Next to the arena, there are exercise tracks and well-attended hiking areas, which are great for the youngest and oldest participants, but as you move out into the terrain it changes character and passes, for the longer paths, in wilderness terrain.

If you feel sweaty after the stage and do not want to be stuck in crowded home-built showers take your bathing suits and cool off in the water park located in the arena. However, we cannot promise that you will alone but we are almost certain that the hot water will not run out even if you have a late start.

To keep track of everything important listen to Radio O-Ringen, FM 104.0 MHz here in Finspång. The broadcasts start at 6:30 am every morning during the week and go on until 9 pm.

Facts about Stage 1

Stage name: Finspångsetappen.

Location: Arena Grosvad in Finspång

  • Opening: 08:30 pm
  • First start OL: 08:30 pm
  • First start MTBO: 10:00 pm

Going there? Stage buses run from O-Ringenstaden, see bus timetable on page 35 in the Program magazine. If you go by car, do not forget that you must have paid the parking in advance (no payment on site). Want to run but not registered? No problem! You can register on site on the arena. You do not need to be a member of any club to run. Just be an audience? No problem! Just come out and hang at the Arena. Food? Coffee? Is of course available on site at the arena. Don't forget Miniknat. Open to all children who want to experience the adventure.

Program items during the day you can't miss! (more information in the Program magazine page 9) 1

2:00 pm Bagheeralabyrinten on the O-ringen square opens.

3:00 pm O-Ringentorget opens

3:00 pm Inspiration lecture "New target groups" with SOFT at East Sweden

3.00 - 9.00 pm Krumeluren Popup (Creative activity for children)

3.00 - 6.00 pm Circus school for anyone who feels young enough at East Sweden.

5:30 pm Amanda Björkholm on the O-ringen scene

6:00 pm Price ceremony for Stage 1 on the O-Ringen scene.

6:00 pm Johanna hike in Industrilandskapet, pre-book at oringen.se 1

7:00 pm Aron Andersson, adventurer, lectures in the East Sweden Arena.

7.00 pm O-Ringen choir in Himmelstalundshallen

9:00 pm O-Ringentorget closes

And if you didn´t have enough baths in Grosvad, you can throw yourself in the water at Himmelstalund when you get home. The Himmelstalundsbadet is open between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm every day and is completely free. Swim until you become a raisin!

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