A fast but tough start to the week

The runners from Stora Tuna OK, Emil Svensk and Tove Alexandersson were the strongest on the first day of O-Ringen.

The winners in M21E and W21E Emil Svensk and Tove Alexandersson. Photo: Per Lindman

The first day of O-ringen was great day for orienteering. The runners decribed the forest as fast, “a course with a lot of focus on running fast” said Tove Alexandersson. Tove won the W21 elite with a margin of 4 minutes down to Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg from Nydalens SK. It was a bit tighter in the men’s class. Emil Svensk won 26 seconds ahead of Ruslan Glebov from Ok Ravinen.


  1. Emil Svensk, Stora Tuna OK 1:06:14
  2. Ruslan Glebov, OK Ravinen 1:06:40 (+0:26)
  3. Albin Ridefelt, OK Linné 1:07:31 (+1:17)


  1. Tove Alexandersson, Stora Tuna OK 1:00:40
  2. Anne M Hausken Nordberg, Nydalens SK 1:04:40 (+4:00)
  3. Simona Aebersold, Tampereen Pyrintö 1:05:18 (+4:38)

Among the elder juniors Axel Granqvist, OK Ravinen and Anine Lome, Hamar OK were the fastest. The junior middle world champion Isa Envall impressed with a third place despite an early start.


  1. Axel Granqvist, OK Ravinen 53:05
  2. Jonas Andersson, OK Roxen 53:41 (+0:36)
  3. Gustav Runefors, Växjö OK 54:40 (+1:35)


  1. Anine Lome, Hamar OK 51:47
  2. Amanda Kleijn, Södertälje-Nykvarn OF 52:53 (+1:06)
  3. Isa Envall, IK Hakarpspojkarna 53:05 (+1:18)

Viktor Svensk, Stora Tuna OK and Hanna Lundberg, OK Renen won the younger junior categories.


  1. Viktor Svensk, Stora Tuna OK 37:39
  2. Touko Seppä, Turun Suunnistajat 39:30 (+1:51)
  3. Axel Elmblad, Bredaryds SOK 40:06 (+2:27)


  1. Hanna Lundberg, OK Renen 43:41
  2. Jenny Baklid, Konnerud IL 44:28 (+0:47)
  3. Hilda Holmqvist Johansson, IK Hakarpspojkarna 44:41 (+1:00)

In MTBO Oskar Johansson, Västvärmlands OK and Anna Tiderman were victorious.


  1. Oskar Johansson Västvärmlands OK 1:03:54
  2. Jonny Engel OK Ravinen 1:04:47 (+0:53)
  3. Patrik Svedberg Gävle OK 1:06:04 (+2:10)


  1. Anna Tiderman Haninge SOK 58:45
  2. Karin Gustafsson Garphyttans IF 1:00:34 (+1:49)
  3. Emelie Holmström Kamrat och IF KIF 1:01:56 (+3:11)

Tove Alexandersson in the forest. Photo: Thomas Rimhagen


Emil Svensk in the forest. Photo: Thomas Rimhagen


Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg is interviewed at the finish. Photo: Per Lindman


Albin Ridefelt in the forest. Photo: Thomas Rimhagen


Simona Aebersold in the forest. Photo: Thomas Rimhagen


Ruslan Glebov fights in the forest. Photo: Per Gustås


Amanda Kleijn on her way to the finish line. Photo: Per Lindman


Axel Granqvist punch the finish as winner in M20E. Photo: Per Gustås


Jonas Andersson at the finish. Photo: Per Lindman

Prispall dam

Prize giving ceremony in W21E. Photo: Per Lindman


Prize giving ceremony in M21E. Photo: Per Lindman

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