Things to do in Oxelösunds kommun!

Don´t miss when visiting O-Ringen this summer.

Travel by boat to the islands of Beten and Äspskär.

Every day, July 1 - August 15, the first tour runs at 10 am and if there are many who want to join, there will be more tours, then visitors will be picked up on the islands around 15.30. The stop is Badhusviken (when you enter Oxelösund via the motorway, it is then straight to the guest harbor, the boat departs from the pier behind the restaurant Location). At Beten there are both sandy beach and cliffs, Äspskär has only rocks. Both islands have small archipelago paths for exploration, dry dams and barbecue areas. Ticket round trip: Adult SEK 100, children under 18 SEK 50.


A popular destination that serves Belgian food and dessert waffles with a great variety of toppings. There are also gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives, and waffles for the dog! The restaurant is located on western Femöre in a house which in the 20th century was used as a children's colony, a beautiful building in an even more beautiful archipelago environment. Next to it is the sheep garden, sandy beach and Femöre nature reserve to discover. Open from 11.00 to 20.00 every day 22 June to 18 August.

Skulpturfestival 2019

A free event for everyone! 40 sculptures are displayed in the center, inside the Coordinate and in Stiftsgården Stjärnholms sculpture park. Take part of the sculptures whenever you want, they stand with us all summer. Every Sunday you can participate in free guided tours starting at. 12.00 outside the Coordinate at the sculpture "Days to remember" (The coordinate is located at Järntorget 7-9 in Oxelösund center). The tour takes an hour and is a deepening in some of the sculptures. At 13.30 the tour continues outside Stjärnholm entrance for anyone who wants. Read more about the festival at www.skulpturfestival.seexternal link 

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