8,600 competitors have already signed up for O-Ringen Kolmården 2019 in Norrköping, Sweden!

The level of excitement for O-Ringen Kolmården 2019 in Norrköping is growing non-stop. We are expecting a great turnout at the festival of orienteering that will be on offer in late July 2019 in Norrköping.

Last Thursday’s early entry deadline for O-Ringen saw thousands of last-minute entries come in, helping the grant total of registered competitors reach 8,600 so far.

Tomas Öberg, general secretary for O-Ringen 2019, tells us his thoughts on the flood of early entries. “I think that it’s wonderful and heartwarming that a whole 8,600 people have already registered for next summer’s O-Ringen Kolmården 2019. It’s a very positive start that imbues our organization with even more energy and motivation, giving us confidence that we have developed an attractive and successful vision for O-Ringen Kolmården 2019.”

”We set ambitious goals for ourselves and our organization, and the high totals of early entries are a good confirmation that we are well on our way towards reaching those goals. But don’t think for even a second that this early success will make us complacent or make us ease off on the pace of work – if anything, the opposite may be true.”

”For us, the most important sign of success is the feeling that the competitors who come here next summer have a great experience. But of course, the early registration totals also give us a good indication that the very ambitious goal of 20,000 competitors that we set for ourselves may be attainable. We must continue to work hard on all the preparation and marketing, and I believe that our whole organization is committed to this hard work.”

A warm welcome to all competitors coming to O-Ringen Kolmården 2019 i Norrköping!

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