The clubmates who defied cancer and ran O-ringen: "The most beautiful experience"

Last summer they were in a wheelchair.

Friends Alfons Peterson and Rasmus Karlsson from OK Denseln

This week, cancer survivor teenagers Rasmus Karlsson and Alfons Peterson ran all five stages of O-Ringen.

"To come back and run is the most beautiful experience ever," said Alfons Peterson.

In autumn 2016, the two friends from OK Denseln were diagnosed with cancer just four weeks apart - Rasmus Karlsson with leukemia and Alfons Peterson with lymphoma and leukemia.

After a few tough years, the duo this week completed the entire O-Ringen in the High Coast.

"It's definitely the most fun O-Ringen ever. It felt so nice to be welcome. Last summer I was in a wheelchair and could not run," said M15 runner Alfons Peterson.

"It feels very fun. Last year, I thought I wouldn't be able to run anymore," said club mate Rasmus Karlsson, who ran the M14 course.

It has been a goal for the friends to be able to stand on the finish line together at O-Ringen on the High Coast.

"It has meant very much. Now I've had a goal and something I want to do, so I've been able to concentrate, "said Alfons Peterson.

"To come back and be able to run and feel that one can cope is the most beautiful experience ever.

The friends have been able to give support and strength to each other in recent years.

Both would come back.

"We have been in the hospital for the same weeks sometimes, "said Rasmus Karlsson in M14 short, who came third overall.

But they're not out of the woods yet. The cancer is still making itself known. The treatments will continue even this autumn.

Right next to the boys stands Henrik Peterson, father of Alfons. He is moved when he talks about their performance.

"It's absolutely amazing. At best case we thought they could come here and watch," he said.

"What a trip. Just that they are standing here today and have run five stages ... I've barely been able to run myself because it's been so emotional."


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