Tears of joy and dominant performances

Fantastic performances in the junior classes

Elsa Kaipe

Dominant wins in the 16-classes

Axel Elmblad from Bredaryds SOK and Hanna Lundberg from OK Renen managed their courses without problems in the 16-classes.

"It's really nice, that's the dream," says Axel Elmblad.

Axel Elmblad ran into the finish as undisputed winner, 7:39 before 2nd place.

"O-Ringen is one of the biggest races. The USM (junior Swedish championships) is perhaps the biggest but this is just one step beneath. It has been a very good week, very nice terrain and good courses so I am very pleased with the whole event, "said the Bredarys runner.

A few minutes later, Hanna Lundberg from OK Renen ran into the finish. She had an equally big victory margin: 7:39.

- That was fun. I was really nervous. At first I did not find the last control and panicked a little, "says Hanna Lundberg.

When she ran into the finish, she did not know if she was winning, or maybe she had another competitor close on her heels.

"But then I heard that they started playing the victory music in the finish chute so then I just enjoyed it all the way into the finish," she said.

Siiri led the W18 Elite from start to finish

Nobody even came close.

Siiri Silvennoinen from Kalevan Rasti won the first leg and then led the W18 Elite from start to finish.

"A great week," she said.

The Finnish raised her hand to the sky before falling onto the grass on Skyttis sports field. Her overall lead in the W18 Elite was never threatened.

Except for a two-minute mistake on the seventh control, stressed Silvennoinen.

“I thought that the others would catch me. I was so tired so I thought the others were running faster.”

The winning margin was 4 minutes and 37 seconds over Isa Envall from IK Hakarpspojkarna. After winning in the first leg, she never let go of the lead.

"It was a great week," she says.

In M18 Elite, Viktor Svensk took the win at the last stage, despite some mistakes.

"I looked over my shoulder and thought that he would catch me soon. I was not so nervous before the race, but when I did not get into the race I wanted to get a little nervous,” he said.

But at 10 o'clock Viktor Svensk ran in as the winner to the audience's applause.

"It was very nice," he says.

Joy when Elsa Kaipe won the W13

When Elsa Kaipe from OK Kåre won the W13, she could not hold back her tears.

"It means very much to me because I've never been close to winning before," she said.

"When you enter the finish, it's so magical. That's when the emotions come, she said after the finish.

After a strong Spring, she had some hopes of delivering a good result at O-Ringen.

"It's my goal every year to get a new number bib on the last day and try to get top ten at O-Ringen. It's always what I've been aiming for,” she said.

This year she won her first stage. On Friday she took home the whole competition, with a three-minute margin over Yrsa Röjgård from OK Kolmården.

Viktor Svensk

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