Simone Niggli takes a superb win in the W21 Elite

Mixed feelings for the M21 Elite winner

Simone Niggli wins

Simone Niggli was unstoppable when she snatched victory in the W21 Elite.

"For me, this is really great," said Simone Niggli.

40-year-old Simone Niggli, from Ol Norska, is by far the best orienteer of all time. She showed her class again during the O-Ringen week on the High Coast, where took out the overall victory in the W21 Elite for the fifth time.

"Not all the best runners in the world are here, but for me it's really great," said Simone Niggli.

That she started at 4:12 after leading runner Anna Närhi did not stop the Swiss rocket. After a few controls they were together in the woods.

"I noticed that Anna was quite tired on her legs. I ran a little fasyer even though I was quite tired. After that, I tried to take the race one control at a time,” said Niggli.

For the victory she is rewarded with 80,000 kronor. The final victory margin over Anna Närhi, IFK Göteborg, was 6:34. Närhi has impressed in the forests of the High Coast, placing 2nd, 4th, 1st and 1st.

But at the end of the week the Finn had nothing left

“It did not work at all. I was terribly tired from the beginning and I just tried to get around, but I could not get myself together at the third control and I made a big mistake there. Then I saw Simone. I tried to hang on but she had so much stronger legs today,” said Anna Närhi.

"In general, I'm very pleased with how I've done the week. I'm proud of myself,” she said.

Lisa Risby from OK Kåre came third, eleven minutes behind Niggli.’’

Mixed feelings for the M21 Elite winner

Magne Daehli from Halden SK won the men's elite class by over five minutes, despite a big mistake on the fifteenth control.

He lost several minutes on the detailed slope, but despite that, nobody could challenge him for the victory.

“I have are some mixed feelings. I hate running badly. At the same time, it was very wonderful to win,” said Daehli.

The second placed Albin Ridefelt from OK Linné was even happier.

"I never thought I would be second in this world competition. That's probably my best orienteering performance,” he said.

The first four stages he performed evenly, without any absolute top positions. After finishing 5th, 5th, 11th and 4th on the first four stages, he went out in third on stage 5.

On the fifth stage he also passed Leonid Novikov.

“I am really pleased. I had a tough day physically and was really tired but navigationally I did everything I could,” he said.

The next place on the podium was filled by Ruslan Glebov from OK Ravinen, just seven minutes behind Magne Daehli.

Magne Daehli

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