M20 Elite Came Down to the Wire

A dramatic sprint finish; victory for an O-Ringen first-timer in the W20

Simon Imark and Isac von Krusenstierna

Isac von Krusenstierna or Simon Imark?

That was the question everyone was asking before Friday's chasing start in M20 Elite.

After an extremely dramatic conclusion, Isac von Krusenstierna took the win.

The two stars of the M20 Elite punched at exactly at the same time at the last control on Friday's stage.

"It was just giving everything and trying to win, but Isac was stronger today. I gave everything I could, "said Simon Imark, who managed to catch up some time.

Isac von Krusenstierna took his third straight overall victory, and his fifth O-Ringen title in six years.

“It was very nice. Finishing O-Ringen in the junior classes in this way feels great. It was the tightest race so far, but it's always fun when it ends this way,” said the M20 winner.

Prior to the start, there was only 28 seconds between the two runners. But it was some time before OK Kåres Isac von Krusenstierna and Simon Imark from Tullinge SK saw each other in the forest.

It happened after Imark lost two minutes on the seventh control before von Krusenstierna made a similar mistake on a control after.

It then went to the eighth control before the two runners saw each other in the forest. It then became a scuffle between the friends and competitors all the way into finish.

“Simon does not want to have a sprint finish with Isac. He is incredibly fast,” said Per Forsberg, the speaker, who, like many others, waited for the exciting finish.

The duo took a number of different route choices along the way, but reached the last control at exactly the same time. Isac von Krusenstierna took the lead down the slope and then held all the way across the finish line.

The closest runner behind, Mathieu Perrin from OK Denseln, was eleven minutes behind in the finish Isac von Krusenstierna and Simon Imark are in a class to themselves.

"It's fun to have someone to fight with," said Imark.

Her first O-Ringen ever – and a win in the W20 Elite

Hanna Hugosson passed Anu Tuomisto on the final stage to win the W20 Elite.

This is the first O-Ringen ever for the Sundsvall runner.

"Somehow I have not really run it yet," she said.

Hanna Hugosson, Sundsvall OK, started second on the final stage, one minute and eleven seconds behing Anu Tuomisto from Vaasan Suunnistajat.

But when the Finnish runner made a mistake on the first control, Hanna Hugosson was able to pass her.

The two top runners never saw each other during the race, so Hanna Hugosson thought she never managed to catch up.

Only when she was on the way to the last control, and heard the speaker Per Forsberg calling her name, she understood that she was winning.

Hanna Hugosson

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