Highlights from Stage 3

Close finishes in the men’s and women’s 14 classes.

Elin Ladänges is still in the lead.

Exciting resolutions await in the men’s and women’s 14 classes in this year’s O-Ringen, after many top runners in both classes raised the bar on Wednesday’s middle distance race.

In the W14, Elin Ladänges from Alfta-Ösa OK led the competition by one second before Wednesday’s race. After a mistake at the start of the course, she took ninth place on the third stage, but she held on to her lead. The second-placed Ebba Thern from OK Skogshjortarnra had a tough day in the woods, and finished in 45th place.

But close behind, the runner from Lynx Salla Isoherran, who won the third stage, got the scent of victory. Her great run on Wednesday gave her second place overall, just 22 seconds behind the winner, gaining 5 minutes.

Third place overall, just over three minutes behind the winner, is Tuva Nylund from Bredaryds SOK.

Salla Isoherranen won the third stage in W14.

There were also many changes in the M14 following Wednesday’s middle distance race. Attunda OK runner Marcus Stenebo, who last year won the M13 by seven minutes, took over the lead after the third stage.

Approximately three minutes behind the winner, second and third are still in the running for the victory, therefore a tight finish is expected in the M14.

In second place is Olle Karlsson from IK Hakarpojkarna, and in third is Edvin Nilsson from Långhundra IF. Nilsson came third on the first stage and has kept his position despite a less favourable run on Wednesday.

The winner of today’s stage was Arvid Skepp from Sävedalen's AIK. But a big mistake on Monday’s stage means he is not in the fight for the overall victory.

Marcus Stenebo is in the lead in M14.

The M16 class is hot

Admittedly, the leader, Bredaryds SOK’s Axel Elmblad, has a three-minute lead before Thursday’s stage (the toughest stage, the planners warn…).

But behind him, it’s tight, and the question is how much time Daniil Fomin can catch up. After mistakes on both the first and second stages, he is now fifth in total.

Daniil Fomin is a new name on the Swedish Orienteering scene. He says that he has previously competed in countries such as Austria and the Czech Republic, and earlier this summer he won Fin5. A second place at the Junior European Championships in Bulgaria earlier this year was also a great performance.

If the Russian is new to the O-Ringen game, Åsne Haavengen from Kongsberg in Norway is not. Last year, when O-Ringen was held in Arvika, she finished second.

Now she is back in that position in the W16. Before today’s stage, OK Renen’s big promise Hanna Lundberg (O-Ringen winner two years ago), was winning by two and a half minutes over Åsne. However, Åsne won the race in Backsjö with almost a minute's margin.

OK Västerås special race

For O-Ringen on the High Coast, 19 orienteers, most of them from OK Västerås, have merged into one class – the 5 kilometers difficult.

The runners have launched a so-called team race, which is a novelty of this year’s O-Ringen. The 19 runners run under the team name “Rosa”, and all runners within the team are therefore on a separate list of results.

The group has also brought to the competition a “leader’s jersey” scheme, inspired by cycling. The team name “Rosa” comes from the Giro d’Italia leader shirt, la maglia rosa. In addition to the pink jersey, there is also a green jersey, and an “attack” jersey, which is awarded to the runner who is fastest to the first control. There is also a jersey based on the Swedish ranking list, and a youth jersey.

Johan Herbst.

The idea came to Johan Herbst and club companion Anders Sahlén last autumn. Herbst emphasizes that everyone can join, including the club’s younger runners.

“I think this concept can increase exposure for orienteering, beyond the orienteering world. It could be an opportunity to atrract companies, and even increase the status of O-Ringen, much like the Finns with Jukola”, he said.

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