O-Ringen Stage 1 News

Junior and Senior Elite Winners, a visit from the Swedish Prime Minister, O-Ringen WiFi and Livelox.

Junior Elite Classes

In the junior classes, there were two Finnish winners, one Norwegian and one Swedish winner in the four classes on Stage 1.

"This is a good start" said Siiri Silvennoinen, who won the D18 Elite class in superior style. The last start in the W18 Elite, Siiri Silvennoinen runs for Kelevan Rasti, and flew in the forest on O-Ringen's first stage, winning by almost 2.5 minutes.

In the M20 Elite, it was also a dominant performance by Isac von Krusenstierna, who took victory by over 3 minutes. Isac also took home the victory in O-Ringen M20 Elite class last year.

The M18 Elite class proved to be the closest of all, with Sander Arntzen from Asker SK taking the win by just 36 seconds. There was only 1 minute and 15 seconds separating the top 5 runners.

The W20 Elite class was quite even, with Anu Tuomisto from Vaasan Suunnistajat taking the victory by 30 seconds from Hanna Hugosson from Sundsvalls OK.

Senior Elite Classes

In the women's 21 Elite class, 25-year old Kirsi Nurmi, a Finn in Gothenburg's blue and white stripes, took the win. Nurmi hails from Vasa, on the other side of the Gulf of Bothnia to Örnsköldsvik.

In the men's 21 Elite class, Olav Lundanes, a Norwegian from Ålesund in Western Norway, took the victory wearing the Finnish club Paimon Rasti's outfit.

"This was one of the toughest long distances I've run" said Nurmi, who managed to squeeze past her club and Gothenburg house mate, Anna Närhi. The victory margin was just four seconds.

Nurmi, who is studying Medicine, won the junior class in Halmstad in 2012. Now, she has taken a senior title. Nurmi will run the sprint race in the World Championships for Finland next month in Latvia. She is clearly feeling strong enough to cover the long distance as well as the sprints.

Olav Lundanes is more used to victory on the senior stage, with 7 gold medals from the World Championships already on his wall. Course setter Christer Mikaelsson predicted a winning time of 73 minutes for the M21E class, and Olav beat this time by just 1 second. In second was fellow countryman Magne Daehli from Halden SK, after Lundanes and Daehli had the same time at the radio control.

"It is another kind of terrain here in the High Coast. It is not as easy to run as in Norway, with the ground vegetation and so on." said Lundanes.

Olav Lundanes is 30 years old, but has no plans to round out his elite career. At the World Championships in Latvia, he will run the long and middle distance races, plus the relay.

"The World Cup in Norway next year is of course a big goal. But when we talk about the World Championships in Switzerland in 2023, that sounds cool too .... as long as everything is going well then ..."

Other News

The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visited the first stage of O-Ringen in Örnsköldsvik.

The Prime Minister had planned to visit on Wednesday, but the fires ravaging Sweden forced him to return to Stockholm.

"I have to make sure that the authorities and all those who work with these fires have enough resources. It's the focus right now, but I still wanted to take part in this big competition, which is in Örnsköldsvik" said Stefan Löfven to oringen.se.

Löfven's own orienteering skills do not extend much beyond orienteering in school, he says.

"I have never competed in orienteering, but I have to say that when O-Ringen was here in 1994, I was so impressed with the breadth, dedication and enthusiasm. This is a real folk party, it's amazing. And having such a big race at home is really fun."


Remember that this year, the organisers invite everyone to use the free "O-Ringen 2018" WiFi. No password is required.

There have been some problems making payment at the kiosks using 4G internet, so everyone is encouraged to use the WiFi instead.


Using Livelox you can compare your routes from O-Ringen to your friends and clubmates.

Livelox is open to all, including both foot- and MTB- orienteers. Without a subscription, you can usually only see one route at a time.

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