O-Ringen Begins!

Important information about the weather and Sunday's stage.

Many people came to see the opening ceremony.

Welcome to O-Ringen 2018 on the High Coast! ”We are very proud of our part of the world”, says Secretary General Clas Engström. ”It is so fun to have you all here”.

The O-Ringen square is now ready for the world's biggest orienteering race! Hundreds of people visited for the opening ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

Runners have come from all over the world to compete in O-Ringen, with 40 flags flying in the wind.

The Bagheera youth relay also took place on Saturday afternoon, starting in front of the Fjällraven Centre. The team from Gothenburg were the winners, with Ida Bengtsson, Eleonora Alinder, Arvid Skepp and Emil Axelsson.

The Elite class had a press conference today at the Fjällraven Centre, with appearances from Olav Lundanes, William Lind, Sarah Hagström, Lisa Risby, Alva Olsson, Albin Ridefelt, Emil Svensk and Anna Haataja.


Make sure to bring your umbrella to the first race on Sunday. As of writing there was rain over Sund / Domsjö area. For the first stage, at 1 pm, there is likely to be a combination of lightning and thunder. 11 millimeters of rain is forecast.

Afterwards, the sun will return, and it looks like a bright blue sky for the rest of the week!

Sunday's Stage

Stage name: ICA-Kvantum Örnsköldsvik

Location: Sund/Domsjö, 3 kilometers from Öviks centre.

First Start: 8.30am

Stage Opening: 8.30am

Travel: The best way to come to the arena is by bike. For vehicles: you must use the satellite parking at Solängets racing track. There are over 3000 parking places. From there it is possible to take a shuttle bus to the arena. Follow the signs from the E4.

Food and drink: It will be possible to purchase food and drink in the arena.

Don't forget the children's race (miniknat)! This is suitable for all children!

Listen to O-Ringen radio! Tune in to FM 102.1 MHz. Each morning the broadcast will begin at 6.30am every morning and finish at 9pm.

Mountain bike race: This will also take place at the Domsjö arena. It begins at 10am and will be a sprint race.

PreO race: This will take place Skyttis arena, with starts from 1pm.

From 5.30pm there will be entertainment at the O-Ringen Square at Fjällraven Centre.

Presentations for the first stage will be at 6pm at the O-Ringen Square.

At 6.50pm, the Centre Party's Economic spokesperson Emil Källström (who lives near the arena for the first stage) will speak in the O-Ringen square.

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