The AXA-relay was an even fight

The 2016 edition of the AXA-relay attracted 57 teams and were determined right after the opening ceremony. Youths in the ages of 14-16 got their strenght tested in the hard surroundings of Lindvallen.


Family, friends and others had gathred to see the exciting relay which lead to a big audience and a positve vibe. The teams consisted of two girls and two boys and most of the teams were district teams from Sweden but a few foreign teams and international teams competed as well.

The first two legs were an even fight between most of the teams, at both the first and second change over Dalarna were at the lead, which was very appreciated by the audience. At the third leg Stockholm 1 started to move up the field. In the last leg it was incredibly even but then Kristoffer Tengroth from Stockholm 1 sprinted and could cross the finnish line first. After he had finnish he explined that he is a good sprinter and today it was to his advantage.

Kristoffer Thengroths team mates in the winning team were Tilde Backlund, Johan Lundbäck and Kajsa Bogren. Only a few seconds seperated the teams at last and in second place were Oslo Akerhus and in third place Småland 1. Well deserved prices were given to the winners from the sponsor of the realy.

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