Anne-Margrethe on the way to Sälen this summer.

Winner of O-Ringen 2008 and 2015, now Anne-Margrethe Hausken Nordberg is preparing for O-Ringen 2016 and the WOC in Strömstad Tanum. Here she shares her training this spring and some tips from Sälen 2008.

anne margerethe

Soon, only three months left until O-Ringen in Sälen, how are you right now?
Spring has just come to Oslo, and the 9th of April was the first time when I trained technique on the map where we live. Great to be able to run in the forest at home again!

How has the winter training been?
Good. I got an injury during the VC-finals in Switzerland in October 2015 ruptured calf muscle, and therefore took six weeks break from running. After that I slowly built me up again, started with 1 hour per week and increased to 10 hours of running per week from the New Year. Now I run 12 hours per week and have a focus on improving the content - more technique and terrain. I do not travel much in the winter with respect to the family, so I will do my training progressively more specific during the spring.

What are the highlights in 2016?
Clearly, the O-Ringen and the WOC. I do not run the VC or EOC in the spring, because I want to build me up for a good summer shape and limit the time I am away from the family.

What are your goals in 2016?
I hope to fight with the best, both for O-Ringen and the World Championships.

What are you most looking forward to in Sälen?
It looks to be a record O-Ringen. This year we are probably over 100 from Nydalens SK, many families, and a good environment for our children. Our oldest child (5 years old in the summer) is on his fourth O-Ringen. Last year was probably the biggest for him to visit the tent with H16 guys in Nydalen, and to by candy. Running I look forward to top-terrain, rough tracks for the elite and a very good starting field. And so I order extra fine weather on the day we take the lift to the start: We who ran in 2008 will never forget the lift to start in the sunshine, with visibility down to all runners in the mountains.

How do you prepare for Sälen?
Seeing that I have a little surplus in both the head and legs. Befor O-Ringen 2015 I trained 13 hours of running per week for five weeks, and in the last foru days befor start I really slowed down, 2 rest days and 2 hours running at 4 days.
Befor O-Ringen 2008, I read all technique tips in the O-Ringen magazine, and I also do that now. Maybe not the last days, but a little earlier in the season so that I can only repeat a bit when it's time.

Tips to others who will run in Sälen?
Take it easy! There's nothing you have to reach but your own start time, so use plenty of time in the arena and have nice days with both club mates and others. In Borås in 2015, I think our family was quite good at that. We went by bus to the arenas after breakfast, first my husband ran a course with free start time because our youngest child is too young for child care, so I ran while he took the children on "Knatteknat", we took the bus back to the O-Ringen center, ate dinner there before the ceremony and then we went back to the caravan with the children who was full of new impressions. We drew up our routechoices, discussed both that and the other things with the club buddies; was there a place to charge your mobile phone? No, rather shut it ... It was long but very pleasant days.

Below you can see and read how Anne-Margrethe ran between control 5-6 in Sälen 2008:
Control 5-6 from stage 4, the middle distance in 2008.
The stretch can probably be solved in several ways, but I started from behind and wanted to take control of the two stones; the last in combination with a re-entrant. To get there, it was good to know where I crossed the last big re-entrant with stone ground, halfway on the route.
From there to the stones, I should see the first furrow (dotted brown line) above / right and then some change in the graph below / left little before the first stone towards control. The first half of the route you can keep the height, and note when you pass some small re-entrant / elevations before the three great re-entrant should be crossed.
I do not remember so well the differences in the shades of yellow on the map but the green dots and migrations was good to read - for example, when I passed the second of the three great re-entrant.

One can also run straight on everywhere and the visibility is good, so the compass is worth gold. I still think it can sometimes be good to run a bit from the line to get good details to read on along the route and a good last secure.

Good luck in the summer to everyone who will run in Sälen :)

karta Anne Margerethe

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