5 things that makes O‑Ringen an adventure you can't miss

Most people have come in contact with orienteering in some way. Just navigating city streets or trying a real race but there is something special with O‑Ringen that can be hard to describe. We have chosen 5 of our favorites when it comes to what makes O‑Ringen so great.

1. A fantastic week of vacation

It can be hard to find a vacation that is both relaxing and being able to participate in a sport. O‑Ringen isn't only the worlds largest orienteering event it is also a great week of vacation. The unique combination of world class orienteering and the possibility to explore new locations and activities between the races. And to meet both new and old friends. It makes the adventure unique and memorable.

2. Anyone can join

Orienteering and especially O‑Ringen welcomes anyone to participate no matter what age or level of orienteering skill. Few other sports can offer the whole family to race at the same event according to the personal level of skill. It's not uncommon to see 5 year olds as well as 90 year olds at the arenas, all of whom have been out in the forest.

3. Festival

Being a festival might not sound like it is exclusive to O‑Ringen but there is something special with the atmosphere at O‑Ringen that you cant find anywhere else. It's hard to describe unless you have been there to experience the open and friendly environment at the arenas and "O‑Ringen town".

4. Community

To talk about the adventures experienced during the day and to share your race with others that have been fighting their way through the same forest creates a special connection. O‑Ringen is a went that people travel to from both near and afar just to experience the fantastic event. The more seasoned participants know how magical it is to celebrate the day together with friends at O‑Ringen.

5. The Sport

Most people have come in contact with orienteering somehow during their lives, some may even have competed at events. But what makes O‑Ringen stand out from the rest of the orienteering events is the large amount of participants. You are rarely alone in the woods, some are more lost then others and some take the competition more seriously then others. You don't only have to navigate world class courses you also have to stay sharp and not follow other participants. You may end up in the wrong place. Although it might be easy to end up far from where you should be you always have the comfort of never being lost alone.

For many O‑Ringen is the best part of the year and something you cant miss out on.

If you havent experienced O‑Ringen yet there are some great years ahead with mountain races in Sälen 2016, the mythical wilderness of Värmland 2017 and the beautiful Höga Kusten 2018.

Have you been to O‑Ringen? Do you agree with the points above? Let us know via twitter at @oringenofficialexternal link, instagram @oringenexternal link or via facebook.com/oringenexternal link

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