Tina Thörner the map reader from Värmland

Leading up to O-Ringen Värmland 2017 we are taking the opportunity to meet a few famous profiles from Värmland and that can give us a taste of what expect 2017. First out is Tina Thörner from Värmlandsnäs outside of Säffle. She has some experiance reading the map, in speeds closer to 150km/h.

What does Värmland mean to you?

Wow, thats alot! We have a lot of fantastic nature in Värmland. But the thing i think about right away is the qualities that many of us stand for, we are considerate, gleeful and positive, like challenges and are liked for our personalities. Where i grew up in Värmlandsnäs outside of Säffle we took care of each other in a great way and made sure to take use of the things produced locally in a natural way. We bought milk from the farmer with cows on pasture in the field outside us, fresh eggs from a neighbour nearby that had hens and tomatoes from another farm nearby. It feels genuine and "Värmländskt".

Maps, thats something you have experiance with.

Yes, maps are and have been important tool in my work with rally and reading the map is something i had to practice to get good at. As a mapreader in a rally car i have to scan the environment and find the quickest way to the goal, and the maps help me understand how we are going to manage that. Most races go on roads but in desert rallys like the Dakarrally there isn't always roads to navigate, then it is required that we can navigate maps to get through the areas and reach the stage goal.

Have you lost your way in the desert?

It's happend, but those times are easily countable. And it's not really totally lost, more that we havn't followed the planned route and the optimal track. Mostly it's stress, tiredness, and high pressure under long periods of time that makes you loose focus. Then you just need to take a short pause, do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete and reboot the brain and it works itself out.

You live in Switzerland now, but where is home for you?

It's a bit “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” and where Tina puts down her bags and beutybox her home! Right now i am involved in a big project that will decide where i will put down my bags next. I might stay in Switzerland, otherwise it is leaning towards USA, middle east or maybe Scandinavia.

Tina Thörner

Foto: Privat

Are there any similarities between Switzerland and Sweden?

Yes, there is some similarities! I live in a village by a lake with beautifyl green nature all around me. So except for the alps it feels a bit like Sweden and Värmland. There is a bit of the same mentality here as where i grew up, with cows in the pastures and i buy the eggs straight from my neighbour with hens. We help eachother and everyone talks to everyone and thats might be a reason to why i live and like it so well here. The big differance is that there are so many more people living here in Switzerland then there is in Sweden. That makes it a bit more organized and strict when you do stuff. I sometimes miss the freedom to go out into nature and the wilderness in Värmland.

What do you have planned for the summer?

It looks like it will be a working summer with my project School4you, a global digital platform and educationtool focused on knowlege and life quality. It's important to exercise, eat right and sleep to feel good and to learn in a good way. That is the core of this project, in a new and exciting way! Then i hope to play some golf, horsebackriding and hiking in the mouintains. I like to be active.

One last question! Have you tried orienteering with a map and compass in the forest?

Only while i was in school. Nothing more serious then that.

Then we wish you a really nice summer and good luck with your projcet!

Oh, thank you! Hugs and have a great summer!

By: Mattias Karlsson

”With the heart in Värmland and the world as the arena for her compass”

Tina Thörner

Born 1966 and raised in Värmlandsnäs outside of Säffle. Started her carrer as a map reader 1984. Won three world championships in rally for women and been a map reader during the Dakarrally several times and came second 2006. 2011 she danced her way to a third place in swedish Dancing with the stars.

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