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O-Ringen is one of Sweden's biggest sports event and the world's biggest orienteering adventure. It is held annually, in July, in a different location
each year.

O-Ringen is the world's largest orienteering competition that has continued to grow and innovate for over five decades. O-Ringen takes place in the second half of July and is located in a different part of Sweden each year.

O-Ringen is organized by the O-Ringen AB, a company that is 100% owned by the Swedish Orienteering Federation.

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The competition, which was first held in 1965, was originally called the "5-Days". As the name suggests, it traditionally takes place over a five day period, with an individual race on each day.

O-Ringen is a meeting place where 15,000-20,000 orienteers come together for a week each year and who, in total, start roughly 75,000 individual races. O-Ringen attracts competitors from all over the world, and around 40 nations are usually represented.

O-Ringen has categories for orienteers of all ages and levels of experience: from top international orienteers to novices, and from highly competitive veterans to recreational orienteers. There are classes for the youngest and the very oldest, with age groups for ten year olds as well as for veterans of over 90 years old.

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