Skåne 19-25th of July 2014

Why should you choose O-Ringen in Skåne 2014? 
O-Ringen in Skåne 2014 will offer fantastic areas of orienteering. The O-Ringen Town and the whole camping area consists of well-drained sandy soil that quickly absorbs any precipitation. However, we have already ordered the sunshine and we have placed the town so you within some km can take your bike to the Baltic’s finest beaches. To get the best possible orienteering experience, we have chosen competition areas with very diverse and decisive terrain. The maps will be made by using the latest technology, and also produced by a team of the best cartographers.
So welcome to Skåne 2014 and O-Ringen’s 50th anniversary!

The O-Ringen Town

The O-Ringen Town 2014 is located at Norra Åsum, a small town just some kilometer away from the big city Kristianstad. From the O-Ringen Town you will reach several attractive tourist areas around the region of Skåne. Don’t miss Österlen in the south, well known for it’s picturesque landscape, or the beautiful beaches in Åhus.


From O-Ringen Town, participants will travel by bus to the different stages.  Each stage will offer a new challenge and a new experience, as shown on the maps from the terrain. The terrain will vary from intricate, open coastal heath forest to hills with grand oak and beech forest. Experience and skills in both continental and nordic orienteering will be needed to successfully complete the O-Ringen week.

50 Years!

50 years is a milestone in many contexts andduring the summer of 2014
O-Ringen will be organized for the fiftieth time. The competition will bring together participants from all around the world who wants to compete in the classic five-day contest. It is obvious that the world’s biggest orienteering adventure will return to Skåne, where the competition once started. Therefore we wish to welcome you back to Skåne and O-Ringen 2014.

World Cup in MTB-Orienteering

During O-Ringen Skåne 2014 we will be hosts for a World Cup event in MTB-Orienteering. We will offer some challenging competitions in demanding and varied terrain. You will face a lot of paths and roads in the competition areas. The forests will vary from beech forest to typical terrain close to the beach.

  • Follow O-Ringen live!
    O-Ringen 2014-07-20
    Today O-Ringen have started and you can follow the competition live by several options. Visit our live-webb at
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  • Time for MTB-O World Cup
    O-Ringen 2014-07-17
    We would like to welcome all MTB-O teams to the region of Skåne in the south of Sweden and the second round of the MTB-O World Cup. The startlists for MTBO WC Middle are ready.
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  • Registration in Eventor is closed
    O-Ringen 2014-07-17
    Registration through Eventor is no longer possible. Registration can now only be done at the competition center at the O-Ringen Square in the O-Ringentown in Norra Åsum. If you have questions about both registrations and other services please contact the competition center. 

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  • 12907 people experienced O-Ringen in the sunshine in Boden!
    O-Ringen 2013-07-28
    12907 orienteers got the O-Ringen in Boden experience: Challenging orienteering, wilderness terrain, midnight sun. We thank you for the week and wish a happy reunion in Skåne 2014. Take the opportunity to relive the week by O-Ringen TV.
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  • New start times for a few classes on stage 5
    O-Ringen 2013-07-25
    In tomorrows last stage of O-Ringen there will be a few classes (3–10) that will ha new start times, a couple of minutes (2–12 min) later than we planned for. The reason for this is that in some classes there are a lot of runners who are more than 90 minutes after the leader and therefore they will be starting along with the next class leader in the same starting line.
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  • Arena Storklinten Stage 3 and 4
    O-Ringen 2013-07-23
    Moving 30km north west of Boden to two fantastic stages in real wilderness terrain– which you don’t want to miss! At Storklintens outdoor facilities you will be running a long distance race for stage 3, in the wilderness and with a big mountain to conquer.Stage 4 is a middle race, but even this will take you to the wilderness with few paths. Both days offer beautiful and varied old fir and pine forest. It is mostly runnable with moderate to steep climb.
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