The O-Ringen box packed and delivered

This years O-Ringen box has now been sent to the about 230 orienteering clubs that have ordered it. We hope you will find it useful!
The O-Ringen box is an activity to make clubs start to think of O-Ringen and prepare for the Worlds biggest orienteering event. The intention is to make more beginners and young people to become more interested of O-Ringen and therefore take the step to join their club to participate in O-Ringen.

This years box contains exampels of exercises to use in your club trainings in order to prepare for O-Ringen. The multi world champion Thierry Gueorgiou have helped us with the exercises that you can adapt to any difficulty.

In the box:

  • A folder with 5 ”O-Ringen exercises” to use in your club. Difficulties for 13-years old and up. Some of the exercises can of course also be used for the younger runners, just adapt the difficulties and terrain. Thierry Gueorgiou have helped us with the exercises. All exercises have an O-Ringen theme and can easily be adapted to your local orienteering maps.
  • Invitation to O-Ringen Halland 2012
  • The O-Ringen magazine (in swedish)
  • O-Ringen posters
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  • Great interest in the 50th O-Ringen

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    The interest in this summer's O-Ringen in Skåne and Kristianstad remains on top. At the second entry stop, 1 April, we had 13 017 participants signed up. These levels at this time point gives us a forecast of up to 18 000 participants at this year's O-Ringen. A orienteering festival to look forward to!
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  • Newsletter from O-Ringen, next entry stop 1st April
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    Now it's time to register for this summers O-Ringen!
    Many are looking forward to the chance to experience the 50th O-Ringen, and this time we are heading back to Skåne where it once started back in 1965. 
    Take the opportunity to save 20% on your entry by signing up before the next entry stop, April 1st.

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  • Entry for O-Ringen Academy is open!
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    The aim of O-Ringen Academy is to assist the development of orienteering around the world. Now the invitation for Academy 2014 is available.

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