New and harder programme for MW21 Elite

O-Ringen's elite classes in MW21 have a new programme next year, compared to previous years plans. Instead of two sprint distances there is now only one. This is in order to offer those who haven't competed in WOC the week before a tougher challenge and in order to make the most of the fine terrain in Simlångsdalen.
The opening sprint has been replaced by a middle distance race in Simlångsdalen, which now leaves middle distance at Villshärad, sprint in Halmstad City, long distance at Nyårsåsen and long distance at Nyårsåsen. A softer start but a tougher finish. This is what the new programme looks like:

Monday 23 July Stage 1

Arena Simlångsdalen, middle distance. The same map as for SM middle distance 2007. Winning time for men and women apx 35 minutes. Assigned start times from apx 10.00 with two minute start interval. All participating WOC runners start in the last group apx 12.00-14.00.

Tuesday 24 July Stage 2

Arena Villshärad, middle distance, open and wooded sand dunes. Winning time for men and women apx 35 minutes. Starts from apx 10.00 with 2 minute start intervals. Reversed start order after stage 1 results.

Wednesday 25 July Stage 3

Arena Halmstad City town sprint with some controls in park environment. Winning time men and women 12-15 minutes. Starts from 17.00 with 1 minute start intervals. Reversed start order after combined results from the first 2 stages.

Thursday 26 July Stage 4

Arena Nyårsåsen, long distance. Random start from 10.00 with two minute start intervals. The top 20 from overall results will start among the last 20 starts. Winning time men 80-90 minutes and women 65-70 minutes.

Friday 27 July Stage 5

Arena Nyårsåsen, long distance, chasing start. Start time men 11.00 women 12.00. Winning time 80-90 minutes and women 65-70 minutes.
Why have we chosen to change the elite programme?
– Because we realised that the WOC runners will be able to travel on the Sunday (Stage 1) and we want to give them the chance to enjoy Simlångsdalen, says O-Ringen's Mark Baljeu.

What do the elite runners think?
– Those I have spoken to have positive opinions about this, They miss out on a sprint in a not very exciting area and instead they get a wonderful experience at Simlångsdalen.

What is the O-Ringen doing in order to attract WOC runners?
– Besides tailoring the competition programme we are also offering help with transport from Kastrup. On top of there are going to be special celebrations for any medalists and of course we are offering our ordniary superb elite service, which hopefully will attract many, concludes Mark.

The first entry deadline for O-Ringen Halland 2012 closes on 1st November and we can already disclose that some ”big names” are among those already entered to next years competition, which looks like it will be offering really good and competitive competitions!

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