Sälen Christmaswishes part 3 from Hanne Stenback in Falun

Hi all orienteerers! Here's a Christmas message from a gray Falun that would need a bit of snow right now.

Orienteering is that kind of sport everybody should be able to do, we like to think of it as a national sport. But the fact is that I don’t find that many orienteerers among my old class mates, actually not even among my friends.

It might depend on the fact that I during my years of university studies didn’t found myself that much around orienteerers, but I know that one fourth of the class had been playing soccer.

We live in a time when exercise and workout is very trendy, running is kind of cool! And it’s even cooler to run very long distances, preferably with some cool obstacles and some mud pools along the course.

The next step comes naturally for me, orienteering. That is, the treasure hunt and challenge orienteering is to us grown-ups!

I’m surprised that the numbers of orienteerers aren’t higher. I think some of the reasons are the negative memories from orienteering in school and poor PR.

I’m a member in a Facebook group called “country side girls”. I work as a contry side developer so this is a fun group to follow. The other day the issue were to find sports activities that weren’t that divided by gender, activities that were open for everyone. One of the girls in the group commented that by:

Orienteering - Great solidarity over gender and age.

This is the kind of comments that we need to spread!

So Santa, my highest wish is that we (orienteerers) will take more space, both in media and everyday life, to get more attention from non-orienteerers. Also, I give yoy readers three assignments:

  1. That all orienteerers get at least one non-orienteerer to run a day at O-Ringen in Sälen! (IT WILL BE SUPER FUN) A start in O-Ringen Open can be purchased at the webshop.
  2. That all orienteerers say at least three good things a week about orienteering.
  3. That all orienteerers are really proud over this amazing sport!

Merry Christmas! Eat a lot of christmas food so you can keep up the speed in the forest later =)

// Hanne Stenback

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