Free start times for the adult short classes

Free start times on the adult short classes are being introduced at the O-Ringen Halland, from HD35 and up. This is in order to increase the freedom for all parents, who want to run technically harder courses than the motion classes and at the same time be able to take care of their children and the juniors in their clubs in the best way.
After this years O-Ringen the O-Ringen's Mark Baljeu received a suggestion from a participant, Carl-Johan Thorell. This is what Calle wrote in his suggestion:
”Introduce fee start times for the short classes from HD35 and up during the O-Ringen, so that we can support and take care of our children better. For those who think that the competition is the most important thing during the O-Ringen week they can enter for example H45 and for those of us who want to support and help our children to succeed and think that the orienteering is fun can run the H45K with free start time.”

Introduced already in 2012
O-Ringen's Mark Baljeu liked Carl-Johans Thorells suggestion and later presented it to the O-Ringen management team on September 15th, where it was accepted and it going to be introduced  at the O-Ringen Halland 2012. Stage prizes and overall prizes will be the same as before and the start will work according to the beginners model, ie. max one person per minute can start, but with the difference that the chasing start will still apply for stage 5.
– I think that it is worth trying this suggestion and supporting it. The difference from the motion classes is that there will be stage prizes and overall prizes awarded in each of the short classes, says Mark, who even states that it is possible to change class in Eventor up until June 15th if you wish to and have already entered.
I hope this has the effects that Calle describes above and that in this way we can have more satisfied and happy participants at the O-Ringen, both adults and children, concludes Mark Baljeu.

Many advantages
Calle can see a number of advantages with the suggestion, but also understands those who can have a number of arguments. Here are some of the positive effects that the suggestion will hopefully create:
  • Parents can support and take care of their children and juniors in better.
  • More prticipants get the chance to succeed and maybe continue with orienteering.
  • The competition days will be more flexible for many families . Parents can run before or after their children have participated.
  • More people will enter the O-Ringen, both children and adults.
  • More adults will run in their ”right class” and at the right standard.
  • The more competition focused wan run for example H45 and that classes status will increase.

Possible disadvantages
Calle has even thought through the possible disadvantages that the suggestion might create and that some critics might have:

  • You can choose to start last in order to win each stage. Sure, but if someone thinks it is that important let them do that and with O-Ringen online it will be very obvious if someone does this everyday.
  • Crowded at the start. This has worked well for the beginners classes previous years so I believe that the short classes will be able to solve it in the same way. People just form a queue and then start with one minute intervals.

– Of course there will be a few negative aspects, but those who want to compete can run in the ordinary class, as the difference in distance isn't big. I believe that there is a lot to gain from this suggestion, we can get more children who have support and succeed and therefore will continue to run orienteering and especially run at the O-Ringen, says Calle.

PS. Points in the Swedish list will still be available even with free interval start times.

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