7000 entries to O-Ringen in Halland

Dureing this Wednesday, it could be noted that 7000 participants have so far signed up for O-Ringen in Halland. A comparison with the 2011 edition of Hälsingland, they had last year over 3900 enrolled at the same time.
Regular notification and the next notification stop to O-ringen in Halland, 2012 is the 15th of May. The same notification stops for O-Ringen MTB-O and Halland 3-day.
The registrations for O-Ringen has remained relatively quiet during the winter, but now we have many new notifications every day. 
-We have noticed that the orienteering season now has started up, in southern Sweden, and that many seriously begin to plan for O-ringen in the summer, said Patrik Söderqvist Marketing Manager at O-Ringen. 
The interest for Halland is large and at Hallandpremiere which took place this past weekend, had more than 2500 starts. There were many who took the opportunity to test the Halland terrain for this summer's O-Ringen in Halmstad, including National team runner Johan Runesson, Göteborg Majornas OK. I won a distance at O-ringen last year and I'm aiming for the top-3 this year. But it will be tough, says Johan to Hallandsposten.
In addition to signing up, it is also high time to start planning for accommodation in Halmstad.
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