• It’s time to register for the highlight of the summer, O-Ringen 2015 in Borås!

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    With less than four months left until the highlight of the summer, we are approaching the second entry deadline, April 1st. Entering before this second entry deadline means you’ll pay around 20% less than the ordinary entry price. Before you enter, here are 5 reasons why you should come to Borås in 2015!
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  • Borås 2015: Maps in Focus

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    We will be offering well-maintained plantation forest at O-Ringen 2015 in Borås, where three cartographers have been commissioned to make this summer's competition maps. Here, they give some answers about what to expect in the forests around Borås.
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  • Meet the new Sectretary-General & CEO of IOF, Tom Hollowell

    O-Ringen 150304
    In Radio O-Ringen podcast #36 we meet the new Secretary General and CEO of the International Orienteering Federation, IOF, Tom Hollowell. Tom is talking about how to increase the visibility of orienteering globally and improve the commercial performance.

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  • GPS-tracking for everyone at O-Ringen

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    We have previously reported that for O-Ringen 2015 in Boras is aiming to introduce a new GPS service that will enable all participants to have a fully automated GPS playback feature, where you also get the opportunity to see other people's routes.
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  • O-Ringen Town in Borås is taking shape

    O-Ringen 150304
    In the diagram above, we present O-Ringen Town in Borås, which we are very proud of. We are currently working on filling that space,  with a rich variety of activities and venues - that are accessible to everyone. Just how we think an O-Ringen Town should be.
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  • Terrain description and map samples for O-Ringen MTBO in Borås

    O-Ringen 150219
    This summer’s MTBO competitions at O-Ringen will be based at Borås’ ski stadium. We can now present terrain descriptions and map samples for each competition stage. All stages will finish through the rich network of ski and exercise tracks surrounding the ski stadium.
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First entry can be done up until 1st April at about 20% lower price than the ordinary entry.


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