Many accommodation options are available during O-Ringen Värmland 2017. You can camp at O-Ringen City, making friends from all over the world; rent a cabin or room; or book something more comfortable such as a stay at a hotel or a guesthouse.

O-Ringen camping

If you click “BOOK”, you will see a variety of alternative accommodation options, including O-Ringen City camping. You can easily book accommodations at the same time as you book your competition entry.

At the O-Ringen City in Arvika, we offer 2,400 campsites, including 500 with electricity. O-Ringen City is located at the Arvika airport within easy walking distance to the last stage, arena Racksta. Staying at O-Ringen City will make it very easy to travel by bus to all the other stages of the O-Ringen week. Bus fare is included in your entry fee. O-Ringen City is located about three kilometers from the center of Arvika, which is an idyllic small town with all necessary services.

A number of other accommodation options exist as well. In the area you will find plenty of cabins and rooms for rent. Arvika residents are hospitable and used to leasing accommodations since the Arvika festival days.

Accommodation options near O-Ringen City are obviously not unlimited, so it's good to reserve a place to stay early on. As an accommodations manager in Värmland, Hans Wilhelmsson, puts it, "Everyone will certainly find a place to stay. We're Värmlanders. We will arrange it.”

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