Arena Skjutsbol

Here you will be met by a small village with beautiful views of lake Billingen. Your finish chute will take you along meadows located at the edge of a large forest that extends over 5 kilometers, from Skjutsbol in the south to Taseboda in the north.

The first two stages of O-Ringen 2017 in Värmland will take place at the Skjutsbol Arena: Stage 1 will be long distance and Stage 2, shortened long distance.

The Skjutsbol Arena is located in the Skjutsbol village, approximately 3 kilometers east of Klässbol in the Arvika municipality. This area was used for the relay at the 1989 Nordic Championships, but for most competitors, this will be a whole new orienteering experience.

The terrain for these first two stages is characterized by lovely mixed forests covering many hills interspersed with fields and trails in between. During Stage 1 (long distance), the longer courses will mostly stay up in the hills with few trails or roads. Younger competitors and those running recreational courses will get to enjoy the streams, old trails, and other handrails located closer to the arena.

The long history of the village of Skjutsbol has been confirmed by the recent discovery of the ruins of approximately 20 stone huts, as well as the ruins of a mill from the 1800s, and an old flax drying building. The first phone came to Skjutsbol in 1918, electricity came a year later, and the first automobile, a Ford Model T, rolled into the village in 1925, after being purchased by Georg Westman.

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