Stage 5

Much like the first four stages, O-Ringen’s Stage 5 finale offers enjoyable and challenging orienteering, all within a stone’s throw of O-Ringen City.

Course setters:Kristin Johansson and Kristina Axelsson Löfvenholm
Mapper:Erik Sundberg
How is this stage unique?Enjoyable and challenging orienteering, all within a stone’s throw of O-Ringen City

The final stage’s fun and challenging orienteering will be based out of the Rackstad Arena, within biking distance from O-Ringen City. The arena, that includes a motor sports stadium, is normally home to rally and motor cross races, but this time it will be home to the final stage of O-Ringen’s orienteering and mountain bike orienteering races. Runners and orienteers will be sprinting into the finish in parallel chutes, and the announcers will have a hard time keeping up with all the finishing athletes.

On the way to the start competitors will pass through the village of Rackstad, famous for the Rackstad artist colony that lived and worked here around 100 years ago. This group included such well-known Swedish artists at Gustav and Maja Fjaestad, Christian Eriksson, and Elis i Taserud. On all the courses the orienteering will start right from the get-go, so hold on to your hats!

Etapp 5 Rackstad Värmnland 2017

Competitors starting from starts 4-8 will very quickly become very familiar with the mountain Oxberget. Oxberget’s slopes feature runnable open hilltops interspersed with areas of blueberry and juniper pushes and surrounded by towering pine trees. There is a fair amount of contour and rock features on these slopes, and the secret to success will be the ability to find the right elevation and read the map detail all the way in to the control. Some areas of open forest will allow you to increase your speed and fly through the woods, but don’t forget to slow down again when the terrain gets more detailed and tricky. Many an orienteer has fallen victim to Oxberget by running too fast and losing map contact.

Starts 1-3 are located next to OK Jösse’s picturesque clubhouse. These woods are part of a future nature preserve, and the forest here is grandiose, wild, and impressive. Also wild and impressive is the climb the competitors will face right out of the start. Competitors on the longest courses will climb over 100 vertical meters before reaching a more moderate plateau. Here orienteers will encounter rosemary-covered marshes hiding amongst tree-covered knolls. The best strategy here is running close to the straight line while maintaining good speed and map contact. This wilderness area will offer truly fun orienteering. Competitors will face more route choice options as they leave the mountainside. Will you climb straight down the steep slope or run around through flatter, faster woods? Or a little bit of both? After passing the bottom of the ski slopes the competitors will climb up to the top of Oxberget, and only the strongest won’t be feeling the heavy climb in their legs.

Kartklipp Etapp 5 Rackstad Värmland 2017

Mercifully, the last part of most courses will be flatter but with slightly more undergrowth. Some of the route choices here can prove decisive during the chase start, and the orienteering will be fast and challenging till the very end. Try to keep up the speed even if the body refuses: you are almost done! By the time you feel the motor stadium’s asphalt under your feet, you will be very, very tired but also full of impressions, stories, and experiences from a week of orienteering in beautiful Värmland wilderness. Well done!

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