Stage 3

The third Stage of the O-Ringen week features spectacular steep ridges that offer challenging route choice options and beautiful views.







Course setter:

Joakim Mellqvist


Nils-Göran Olsson

How is this stage unique?

Spectacular steep ridges that offer challenging route choice options and beautiful views

After a day off, it is time to head out to the ancient village of Boda, where people have lived for thousands of years. This history of this region is evident from the many artifacts found here, including axes from the Stone Age and gold amulets from the Iron Age. A 200-year-old grave right on the map contains the remains of over 100 Swedish soldiers who died from disease during the war against Norway and Denmark.

Skogsbild etapp 3

With height differences of up to 175 meters from the arena to the highest parts of the map, you might be forgiven for mistaking Boda for a much larger mountain as you are huffing and puffing up its slopes. Mercifully, a lot of the climbing will be done on the way up to the starts, which are located on top of the mountain for the longer courses. These courses start out on the relatively flat mountaintop, covered with large, open marshes. The visibility is very good, and your main obstacles will be blueberry bushes and the soft, mossy ground underfoot. You will experience some delightful forest orienteering here!

Once the courses turn to the west or north, they will enter a large area of steep hillsides and long lines of cliffs. The longest courses will traverse the cliffs head on, providing a multitude of route choice options. It will be important to find your way through and not get stuck above or below a dangerous cliff. The shorter courses will go parallel to the long ridgelines heading to the north. For these courses, the main challenges will consist of being able to stay on the correct elevation, or deciding to drop down to the road and attack controls from below. The long cliff-covered ridges are separated by thin lines of marshes, where it is easy to make a parallel error. The terrain here is detailed and truly wild. In the northern part of the map, the forest opens up, allowing the competitors who look up to glimpse a panorama of Värmland’s forested wilderness stretching for dozens of kilometers.

Kartklipp E3 2017

Competitors on the shortest courses will spend a lot of time orienteering along hillsides. The most reliable handrail features here will be streams, vegetation boundaries, or edges of clear-cut areas. Trails are infrequent here, but those that do exist can be very useful. Those competing on the shortest courses will become well acquainted with the farmers’ fields down in the valley and will cross a stream running along a gully towards the end of their courses. All the courses will cross the old railroad tracks just before the finish.

A lot of competitors will be very happy to reach the finish of Stage 3 at the village of Boda. They will surely look back on the map and feel that they successfully conquered the challenging wilderness of Bodafjället by finding the fastest route choices and orienteering perfectly in the control circles.

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