This page lists all of our 5-day competitions.

Competing in an orienteering event over the course of five days is the original and classic format of O-Ringen. This was the format when everything began in 1965, and it is still our most popular competition format.

There are six options to choose from for those who want to race for five days.

Main Classes: This includes everything from the Introduction class for the youngest competitors to competitions with assigned start times, where the winner is determined by an exciting chasing start on the final day of competition.

Short Classes: This includes difficult, but somewhat shorter, courses than the main classes. Short classes have open start times, meaning that you can start on any available minute during the start window. The final stage features a chasing start.

Recreational (Motion) Classes: These are easier and shorter classes with open start times each day.

Challenge Classes: In the Challenge Classes you can choose the length and difficulty of your courses. The classes are coupled with specific courses, and you can compete with everyone on that course regardless of age and gender. Afterwards, you can sort the results list to compare yourself against specific competitors. You can also tag your friends, clubmates, or colleagues, and easily create an internal competition with just those you have selected.

MTBO Classes: These are the classes for those who prefer to orienteer at a higher speed using a mountain bike.

Guide to MTBO at O-Ringen Uppsala 2021. (Click here to get to the file)PDF

Trail-O Classes: Competing in Trail-O provides a mental challenge, in which competitors pick out the right location of each control given several choices. Courses are designed in a way that makes them accessible for competitors in wheelchairs and with other disabilities.

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