Emma Olsson: Mountain Church buns & other things you can not miss at O-Ringen this summer!

Emma from Lima Transtrands congregation share her thoughts and give tips on the good Mountain Church buns that will be served in the middle of the O-Ringen area.


That’s how many buns we made in our mountain churches during the winter. And we are prepared to make the same amount for the summer aswell! In the middle of the O-Ringen area this year is Sälens fjällkyrka. Anyone who wants to can come in for some coffee/lemonade and a homemade bun. If you are higher up in the mountains, you can do the same thing in Tandådalen!

How would you describe your job? What are you doing in the church all day?

- I don’t know what to say really. What is it that I do not do in my job? I work at Lima-Transtrands parish, and for me, it’s the funniest job! One day I’m at the computer writing a blog post, anwsering some e-mails and making different kinds of posters. The other day I’m playing games with the confirmation candidates. Apart from that I’m aorund to the churches, making buns and some nights I’m the hostess for one of our events. Everyday is different from the other, and that’s what I like about my job- the variation!

Week 30 will this year be an eventful week for us in the parish, the number of parishioners will increase a lot! This increase means that we will offer more events han usual, for example church services, conserts, hikings and much more. Our parish is wide and contains six churches and chapels, in Lima, Transtrand, Sörsjön, Rörbäcksnäs, Sälen and Tandådalen. We offer different things during the year, since we are more of a town during the winter and summer we increase our activities during those periods. But everyday all year round you can visit our montain churches, which are open between 10 and 16, and in Tandådalen there is a small café with the most delicious buns. Every Sunday we have a service in one of our churches and during the winter and summer we have them three times a week. We offer concerts once a week and in Transtrand we have something called Kyrkis one day a week, where families with children comes and spend time together. During the summers we also have a Summer café. The older generation have meetings once a week in both Lima and Transtrand, we go on trips, talk, eat soup and drink coffe. Our churches are open for anyone who’s passing by, for anyone who wants to share thoughts, experiences and words. Lima-Transtrand parish is a church for everyone!

I hope we’ll meet in Sälen this summer, and if you haven’t tasted our buns yet, it’s about time you do so!

Best regards, Emma,

Business assistant in Lima-Transtrand parish

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