Sälen's favorite places

Camilla Lind , born and raised in Sälen shares her favorite places. Stay in Sälen some extra days and you can visit and enjoy them.

O-Ringen in Sälen is getting closer and closer! The village will be filled with people dressed in training clothes. Everyone is here to do the same thing. Run in the beautiful mountains, enjoy the view and spend time together during some intense days. Perhaps there will be time to do something beside the orienteering? Here are some of my favourite places if you want to see what Sälen is like during the summer!

A service center where you can both fill your car with gas and eat at a street kitchen, which focuses on fast food made of local products of highest standard. Frendo is in the north of Sälens village. My favorite is the kebab made of reindeer, moose and red deer. This combined with home made mashed potatoes and lingon berries is way better than any other kebab. So good that my mouth water just thinking about it! Apart from an ordinary fast food-menu, with multiple local products, you can eat an excellent GI burger here. You can have todays lunch here, and it's also availible as take away. Before you move on you should try at least two scoops of the delicious Rättvik ice cream. http://www.servicecentrum.seexternal link

While you're down in the village, take the opportunity to be cultural. Park your car at Sälenhallen in the middle of the village and take the beautiful suspension bridge over Västerdaläven to Olnispagården, the folk museum of the village. Olnispagården is declared as a cultural and historical monument and is located beautifully by the river. Also, Gustav Vasa is said to have slept here.. Here you can enjoy some home made bread and buy the local flatbread "kavelgris". http://www.olnispasidan.seexternal link

Lindvallens chalet
Let's get back to the mountains again. I think that you should take a trip to Lindvallens chalet, which is close to Experium. Both ckildren and grown-ups usually enjoys this place. There are a lot of animals that you can get close to, such as horses, cows, goats, rabbits and chickens. The younger ones can ride on ponies and an activity that the whole family can appriciate is a trip with a horse and carrige. Take the opportunity to eat something tasty! A waffle with cloudberry jam made of cloudberries from the Sälen mountains tastes really good! For the one who is in the mood for training, there is an outdoor gym right next to the chalet. https://jonasisalen.se/fabodar-i- salen/lindvallens-fabodexternal link

Gustav Barbeque & Bar
Do you want to eat something good for dinner? Then this is the place to go. Sirloin steak that melts in your mouth, a nice hamburger or why not try the Mixed barbeque buffet, which is one of my favourites. Gustav Barbeque and Bar is right by Gustavstorget in Lindvallen. http://www.gustavgrill.seexternal link

If you have some energy left you can go biking in Lindvallen. If you don't have your own bike, you can rent one. If you like to bike downhill, you should take a ride in Lindvallen Bike Park.

There are hills for everyone, beginners as well as more experienced bikers. I'm not that into downhill biking, but I enjoy biking on paths and trails with my mountainbike. There are some nice routes for that up on the mountain. https://www.skistar.com/globalassets/salen/sommar/sommarkarta_2016_stor.jpgexternal link

I defenitly think you should go swimming at Experium. It's fun for the whole family and if you want a more relaxed and quiet environment you can hang out in the Saunaworld. There are also bowling and resturantes at Experium.
Experiumexternal link

About 1,5 kilometers from the cottage on the top of the hill there is a lake called Stensjön. You can get there by walking, running, biking or with the lift. The lake isn't that big, but all the rocks make it look cool! It's worth to visit and the path is good, you can, for example, easily get there with a stroller.

Most of you who are coming here to O-Ringen likes to run so I'm going to wrap this up with one of my favourite running routes. It's so magical it takes your breath away. You run Kungsleden from Sälens Högfjällshotell to Östfjällsstugan. The first kilometers are slightly uphill on asphalt, so that disabled people or people with strollers have the possibility to get up on the mountain. After 2,5 kilometers you run on gravel instead of asphalt, and here you have an amazing view of the mountain. It is so beautiful! If you keep going to Östfjällsstugan you can take a break and perhaps dip your feet in the tarn. I usually run to Östfjällsstugan where I rest for a while and drink some water before I run the same way back. Good training and one of those routes that almost feels like meditation.
Vandra i Sälenexternal link

I, who have told you about my favourite places in Sälen, am Camilla Lind. I'm born and raised in Sälen. I blog at http://www.camillatranar.comexternal link and during O-Ringen I will be in the exhibition tent. I would love it if you came by and told me if you have visited one or some of my favourite places!

Welcome to Sälen!

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