When I want to be the best with Peter Öberg

"Be in the moment! - I'm in the moment, enjoying the situation and everything positive around me."

I have entering the O-Ringen town more than 25 times, with the hope that this will be a wonderful summer week. My expectations have varied over the years. It has been about meeting friends from all over, fixing the family logistic, just enjoying the fantastic event or to run for the overall victory.

The last time O-Ringen was in Sälen in 2008. I have a very special memory from that time. Just some day before the WOC in the Czech Republic ended. It was a long journey from the Czech Republic to Sälenfjällen. In my thoughts was the WOC now far away when I'm sitting on a stone in a mountain slope. Now and then I hear cheers from the ​​crowd gathered on the slopes around Högfjällshotellet to see the World Cup sprint. I take in the surroundings. Untouched mountain with some birds chirping. Think that I shall run a World Cup sprint here. The inspiration is complete!

I start high up on the hillside above Högfjällshotellet. I can quickly feel a good mapcontact, I climb up a small ravine and take the time to glance out to the audience and the surroundings in the mountains. Suddenly the stone I steps on roll to the side, I fall down and spins around once. But I'm strong and am in no time back on my legs. Viewing my compass and find that it is broken. Quickly, I focus inwards. The start of the sprint goes on a hillside where the direction is important and I have a spare compass in my back pocket. Without slowing down, I take up the spare compass. The course is going perfect. As I approach the goal I see and hear the audience. I press the last out of the legs and forces the goal line. It turns out that I won my first World Cup race before 15,000 spectators. What a feeling!

Here are some thoughts on how I do when I want to be the best!

I focus on my own performance! - My goal is guided by my performance. I focus on creating good conditions to reach my goal by influencing the things I can influence

Be in the moment! - I'm in the moment, enjoying the situation and everything positive around me.

Fight! - I like challenges. Like for example, when I promised my friends to cook pancakes for the whole gang if all of them finished the final stage. It requires much more patience to fry 40 pancakes on a camping stove outside a caravan than in a normal kitchen but I remember how happy my friends were!

Think positive and be happy! - I always try to focus on the positive in different situations.

Enjoy! - After a World Cup victory before 15,000 spectators, it is easy to enjoy. But I try to enjoy and be satisfied with what I have achieved, even if it is about little things such as when everyone in the family gets good food after a great day at the competition.

I'm sure that even this summer O-Ringen will give a special memory. I know that 10000 organizer hours have been spent, and I will have a wonderful experience in Sälenfjällen. If this year's memory will be about a magical miniknatsbana with my 4 year old daughter, a nice club night or a fantastic achievement will tell. I will go to Sälen with a positive open mind and be in the present.

Peter Öberg
Orienteerer, Former National Team Runners, Board member of O-Ringen AB

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