Technique training with William Lind

In today's post is it William Lind who gives his technique tips and talks about how his own technique training has been through the years.

Have you ever taken a control and felt; wow, I made it! I did exactly what I planed and it wasn't luck that I took this control perfectly. That's a great feeling, isn't it? At least I think so and the more I practice, the more often I get that feeling. Sure, the feeling might not be as strong as the first times, but I get that feeling far more often than I did when I first started with orienteering.

When I started, I wasn't that good at navigating and it took a long time for me to understand the compass and everything on the map. It has happened, a lot of times, that I haven't made it around the course, and my club mates had to come look for me. There are races that I didn't finnish and races where I hitch-hiked back to the start when I, after hours of searching, hadn't found my controls or the way back to the start/finnish.

I belive that if there hadn't been any split times I would have given up when I was 13-14 years old, when I had to step down to the easier class to get some self-confidence. But thanks to the split times I saw that I could beat even the best ones at some legs, and that kept me motivated. Since then I've won legs more and more often and today it feels pretty distant that my club mates will have to come looking for me beacuse I've gotten lost.

There was a couple of things that helped me, one of them were my trainer in Landehof, Krister Strand. He forced me to move my feet when I was reading the map or when we had study circles discussing technique.If I were to give my younger self some advice, I would lower the speed (in that age it's easy to run fast at all the practices) and focus on the technique. If you want to, you can take some time after the technique training and run until you're really tired. I think that if you've gotten so far that you are able to take one control perfect, you can learn how to do that with all the controls during a race. To some it just takes some more time and energy then to others.


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